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So, any topic that deals with this issue can't be discussed because it is hurtful to the people? I mean, huh? The issue of inventory is a legitimate issue BECAUSE of the event. That is not "bad" to talk about BTW, I lost my house in Katrina and was there when it hit. I do know what they are going through. It STILL is not insensitive
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Some of those amounts are absurd I may tip several of those a few bucks but that is it
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I read this and shook my head at the pure stupidity of this move by Obama First off, this idea that "most" federal workers make more than the private sector is just wrong. I spent years working for the feds and I can not find a single department except DoD where workers made less than a private sector job. [editor note--I think he meant to say that he could not find a department where federal workers made MORE than in a private sector job] Also, this idea that federal workers are lazy, a absolute joke that has zero basis in reality
It is sad that their "pledge" did not include what EVERYONE wants to hear which is HOW they would pay for the cuts and HOW they would pay for their other measures I mean, the fact that we can't actually get answers from them speaks volumes
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What you explained about socialism is exactly what everyone in this country with a brain continues to try to explain to right-wingers who cry socialism at every argument they make When using it, the right-wing doesn't seem to actually understand what it means and how idiotic it is to use it in numerous instances where it doesn't even make sense. Obama does something and it is SOCIALISM! has nothing to do with is just something they don't like Then again, none of them actually care about whether it is right or wrong....they just want to look cool mocking Obama
We deserved the title more than any other team We were the best and got the title. Love it Keep adding the titles onto our trophy case
Kalou played a great game and continues to be a threat right around the goal But that has never been a question Kalou still struggles anywhere outside the box and I am not as sure as others that we should just let him start next season without any competition. He still needs 1-2 seasons before he becomes a complete player
Stoke looked like they were a team that had no interest in even being there. It was odd watching them just give up goal after goal with little resistance.
When you read this, you get excited as we should. But it also makes you shake your head at how we lost or drew several matches. It really does. It wouldn't shock me if the Reds beat us nor would it shock me if we won by 5
I am always amazed at how quickly we judge kids rather than give them time to grow up and become better players If a kid is 19-20 and not a star, we seem to judge them as failures and terrible
Just because Rooney is having a better year doesn't mean the argument shifts completely to him. United has done a fantastic job putting Rooney in a spot to finish and score while Chelsea, imo, has done a ridiculously poor job doing just that in many games with DD. I figure Rooney is soon going to cool off while DD heats up.
Good article. Completely agree and it is obvious you know your research rather than relying on extreme-political blogs that mend their information the way they want it to read. As a tax attorney, it frustrates me to no end seeing so many people discuss Tax without the slightest clue about taxes
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We are not prepared for our last few games. We come out flat or if we come out prepared, we quickly lose interest and fall back to bad habits. We should have never let Jose go and it was so obvious when he kicked our ass. If we continue struggling, I would agree with those who want to see new leadership at the top of our team (Manager) CA has always been a solid yet suspect coach who needed a miracle to win the CL
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Mar 22, 2010