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This is a really good list. I am a technical writer and I am always looking for new ways to improve my writing.=) ------------------------- (content writing service) Williams
Toggle Commented May 15, 2010 on A webwriting style guide at Writing for the Web
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oh my gosh! These are wonderful tips. I had lost my job about four months ago and my mother would not stop nagging me about getting another job....."Did you turn in your application?" Have you been looking?" Uhhhh, no mom I haven't been looking for job, because I want to get kicked out of my apartment with no money!" (*sigh*) Sometimes, people will rub in your faces that they have a job and you don't. This is a wonderful list, thank god I started my own writing firm about two months back. Now people are asking me for applications! ;) ----------------------- (content writing service), Williams
The very last imagery is SCARY to say the least. I like how all non-traditional mediums can also be considered art besides the paint and brush normal. "Appearance of the new occupants" could be some type of reference that man will be extinct or killed off while a new species envolves...this is something to think about. I love artist. I'm a digital and visual artist as well.I just got done twittering you. Make sure to follow me too down below =) ____________ Twitter me at (Check out my art gallery ;) airee
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May 13, 2010