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If Zachary does come on this board please let me know where I can get a door size poster of only you not the other guys. I tried in Hollywood but at my age I get tired fast. Now if you know one place online I can order that would be great. Ok I'm a Star Trek fan from let's say the beginning. But your part as Spock made it worth watching again. Heros has to much evil for me, most of the time I'm closing my eyes by fear of what will happen. I've got my military daughter looking but you know girls it will take forever. Hope you can help and I wish you the best in your future. I'll keep up with your career and of course keep you as the Number 1 Vulcan and super star.
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When I was young Spock was ok but now 50 years later Zachary should have been around in the 50's. He makes Spock worth seeing. I started watching Heros because yes Zarchary is a looker. I will be following his... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
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Jan 5, 2010
I've watched OLTL longer then all of you have been alive. I admired your understanding of this story line. Starr is doing a great job and I think this gives reason for parents to discuss this topic with boys and girls. I find Starr to be more adult then her parents so she is giving great thought to what she does. Now a personal note it is the woman's choice but Cole has a point but he seems to be looking at colleges so he's not really ready to give his life up for a child. Langston is a true friend who listens and doesn't judge. I hope Cole realizes he has to put the baby's interest first. Marcie is doing a great thing by allowing the family to play a part in the child's life. Now I have a serious problem with Todd. I pray the writers don't put the same thing that happen with Margret. With the love Starr and Cole have for this child I hope Marcie can raise the child to be healthy and happy. I did like Blair's reaction to Marcie saying she could be the grandmother. All my kids are grown and done have out of wedlock children. I found it hard to talk to them about sex but I did it and it worked.
Kristen the story line is going great. It isn't an easy decision and the writers are doing a great job. Now to you young lady you are great you really make me believe what Starr is feeling. You have grown up so much. I do understand Cole's conflict too. This is one hard story to unfold there is no right answer, it's a personal decision. So far I'm with you and I do understand your point but I understand Cole's also. I love how Blair gives you space but Todd does have some good points but it's Todd we're talking about so that makes a big difference. I'll keep watching you as this is one of the most interesting stories of all the soaps right now.
Time goes by but the story never chances. My Dad was like Blair very supportive. As Cole said in twenty years you can say you made the right choice. Well Starr after 43 years I can say I made the right choice. Everyone has an answer for you but it's you who will have to deal with your life. Situations bring woman to make the choice they do. In your storyline you have what most woman don't real Love and Protection from the Father of your child. Most woman have to make the decision alone while you have Cole. Dorian is looking at how she gave up her daughter, Blair is looking at how she had you. Each different but still a choice. This is a story but I will say in your case keep your baby as he will have more happiness. Todd is mental and as alot of Dad's who can't let their kids grow up, in time he will see you in your daughter or son. Once a child comes in the world everyone changes even those against you. It's magic as a gift of God. Being a parent isn't easy no matter how well planned. Your doing a excellent job with your storyline but just keep in mind millions of people are watching some even learning from your character experience. Don't be like Britney/Jamie Lynn Spears or Nicole Richie their poor examples of Motherhood.
It's been over 45 years for me but I do remember I wouldn't tell my parents if I had sex for the first time with a boyfriend. Most who watch this storyline can say what ever they want to but deep down Starr isn't different then most 16 year old girls.