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Washington DC/ Miami, FL
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Salihi with the poachers nose!!! DC is in mix for 2nd place!!!
At some point or another, DC United would have to learn how to play soccer without DeRo doing EVERYTHING for them!!! There are some very good individual parts in DC besides DeRo, and if they can figure out a way to finally integrate Hamdi Salihi and Branco Boscovic as starters, then I think ya got a team that can create some noise in the playoffs. It appears that DC United (post-DeRo) has adopted the "do what it takes to get the job done" fighting mentality that head coach Ben Olsen built his own soccer career upon.
What a difference Cherundolo and Bocanegra make. Those two have solidified their place going forward in my mind. Dolo really is one of our best players! And Bocanegra always shows he has a calming influence on the backline. Great captain work from Bocanegra tonight!
Anywhere would be a good move for Edu. The guy is young and skilled at multiple positions...Why wouldn't Stoke want him?
This is Dody Fayeed's fault!!! Instead of giving Dempsey what he wants which is to spend some more and make the club into a Champions League team, he is going to let the talisman and fan favorite just walk away like he is nothing. Fulham owes everything to Dempsey! They should have some more ambition and try to break into the top 5. In order to do that, you have to stop being so damm cheap!!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2012 on Reports: Dempsey fined by Fulham at Soccer By Ives
Clearly, we need to continue to stick with Breck Shea and his development. They guy has loads of potential to really be something special. He is in a funk in Dallas, but once he leaves there and gets a change of scenery, he will be fine! Kudos to Klinsmann for continuing to stick with him.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2012 on USMNT attempts to conquer Azteca at Soccer By Ives
Wouldn't it be funny if Alan Gordon scores in Azteca? ;)
Yeah, I guess you are right. We probably would prefer Alan Gordon to get hit in the face with D batteries and bags of urine than Clint Dempsey... ;)
Is Klinsmann an idiot? No disrespect to Alan Gordon, but he is no Chris Pontius!!!
Auf wiedersehen!!! Timmy Chandler is such a liar!!! We all know now, that him being tired was not the real reason he did not play these past two summers! He was just scamming us all along! Good luck getting p/t with Germany! I suppose we wont be seeing you after all in Brazil! R.I.P.
Chris Pontius delivers another decisive goal for DC United. Klinsmann should be calling him in at some point.
Tim Cahill > Luke Rogers
Olsen should put All DC United in for his choices for the All Star game...I definitely think Pontius, Kichen, and Woolard should be there...
Bob Bradley should get the hell out of there. He does not have anything to prove. The whole world can see he is a very good manager. Egypt will not be his last stop. I just hope he does not return to CONCACAF.
Keep DC United AMERICAN!!!
Dempsey with a sleek sidestepping glide to get the goal for the USA!!!! 1-0 Halftime.
US going with the mythical 4-3-3...Very dangerous move by Klinsmann to be trying out a new formation on the road...
Is Bob Bradley allowed to torture his players when they mess up??? Imagine if he was able to whip the foot bottoms of Bornstien or Klijstean every time they goofed up...
Enter Ricardo Clark...
As much as I like him as a player, Danny Koevermans is out of line for his comment. First of all Toronto is NOT "the worst team in the world." Secondly, what kind of leader says such a thing? He knew they were re-building when he signed, and the team is rather young and still trying to figure out the scheme that Winters is trying to instill. Koervermans should stay quiet and just play ball...
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 11 at Soccer By Ives
Bayern will win 3-1. Allianze is a tough place to try to get points on the road...
Although I think this is a good trade for both teams, Hans Backe will not be back next year.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2012 on Soler: Agudelo pushed for trade at Soccer By Ives