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Hi Lee, I am trying to get the 'IsA' property from the 'dumpallproperties' and it returns nil (setq e1 (car (entsel "\nSelect a line: "))) (dumpAllProperties e1 1) (getpropertYvalue e1 "IsA") ; This returns nil
Hi Kean, Wonder how you are keep posting different categories of posts at the same time when someone is really looking for that. This post and removing format from pasted excel sheet today helped/saved a lot of time for me. Also you were right on spot when we were struggling with DGNPurge. Thanks !!
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Hi, If you are still looking for the batch process for this routine , I have published an Autodesk Apps based on the Code from this webpage. [Thanks to Kean for this code] @ Exchange App Store
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Success !! Its working. Thanks How about a batch process of this code ? Because the attached xref files are also having these complex linetypes.
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Thanks Kean, I am trying to use your code , but I am not able to find the reference for using Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Core; Which reference I should use ?
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Hi Kean, Thanks for posting this wonderful post. This is the one we have a major issue on our projects. As suddenly all of our drawings started to display excessive linetypes. Meantime , I have created a .NET routine to look for all the anonymous blocks starting with *A and delete it. Can you explain bit more about these Anonymous Group blocks as I am wondering my routine is deleting any objects we using.
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Dec 12, 2012