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Wow. Just wow. This sounds so painfully familiar. I had so many wonderful friends in high school and college; then after my wife and I married, we augmented those with some great 'couples friends.' Then we moved 2000 miles away. We now have one of those couples within 300 miles' distance that we see about a dozen times per year. I hop on a plane and travel back to L.A. to see my Dad and a handful of those same strong friends of my youth, maybe once every other year, however those times go a long way toward sustaining me. And they need to, because all of the time in-between, the ONLY friends I seem to have anymore are on the Internet: my blogs, Twitter, et al. Apart from the few who have wandered in and out, I've gone the better part of the last 15 years without a non-preexisting IRL friendship being a significant part of my life. Can't explain it, except to say that perhaps we've just become so conditioned to being self-centered through the media, social media, economics and all the rest, that we just don't have the time, energy, or options we once seemed to have. I will say, though, like DoctorMama, blogs are indeed a great way to meet friends, but it has to be a 2-way street. I've (tastefully) stalked a few folks in my time, and now have several wonderful friendships to show for it. Just like in any relationship, somebody usually have to go out on a limb to get the fruit. I'm shameless enough not to have a problem being that person. Someone has to be. Oh, and regarding Friend #1. Dood just needs to back off. Only YOU can make that happen. Just sayin.' I absolutely love your honesty and the word-pictures you paint. I know you said you were taking a break from the Internet, but I hope it was a fib. :)
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May 5, 2010
DAMMIT! Just when I discover your blogs, you're 'cutting back?' Just my luck... At any rate, I first found you via a random RT on Twitter, which led to your 'Links' blog, then I fooled around with that URL to find this one. I came for the Orion Slave Girl profile pic and stayed for the incredible, mesmerizing stories. I've been up and down both blogs since last night, but I am a sipper, not a gulper of blogs, so perhaps it's a good thing you'll be writing less; it'll give me time to catch up and get a better read on who you actually are. Just know that I find your posts fascinating and undulating and a heck of a lot of fun. You remind me of how blogging used to be for me, back in the good old days when the medium wasn't dominated by lists of how-to's and venomous sacks of political vitriol; it was largely a place of talking about one's life -- the good and the bad; the joyous and the heartbreaking; the eternal optimism and the gut-wrenching despair. I appreciate you for that. Cheers. Oh and P.S.: As you mentioned, TypePad truly does blow major chunks. And thanks to another unfortunate commenter I read in one of your recent posts, I learned to copy this comment to the clipboard prior to attempting to sign-in and submit it, the process of which, of course, wipes the comment form clean. Ridiculous. Anyway, I managed not to share his frustration. All that to say, I can, and would be happy to assist you in moving your blogs to a new platform whenever you're ready to do so (and yes, I know how to do those "referral thingys").
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Apr 11, 2010