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I've had this problem living here in my home country. My name is Alisa, but people just take it upon themselves to change it to Alisha, Alissa, Alyssa you name it! It seems that if people have never heard your name, they just delve into their own frame of reference and go with what they're used to instead of what you have told them or written. However, experiencing this, makes me make it a point to get other people's names correct.
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I saw this film on Netflix as well. I found it to be interesting. Brazil is a very complex and interesting place. By no means does this or any other film define this vast and multi-faceted country. There are some bad things, but I am sure the good things far outweigh the bad. When I hear things like this about Brazil, it reminds me of Louisiana. Louisiana is a place where political corruption is rampant and people look the other way as long as their needs are met. If you watch a documentary on New Orleans, Louisiana or Huey P. Long you will see similar things about Louisiana that are chronicled in Manda Bala. PBS did a really good documentary on New Orleans that features a segment about a time when the city officials broke an area of the natural Mississippi River levy and flooded out the poor people who lived down river. The city had promised the people beforehand that they would be taken care of, but they simply moved them to camps and left them there. They had no place to go, since their homes had been washed away by the the river. Sound Familiar? But I still love New Orleans with all of it's craziness. It's still the most unique city in these United States. Louisiana has a culture and language all its own. What's sad is that it sounds like the film is being suppressed in Brazil. That should not happen.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2009 on Manda Bala: An Essential Eye Opener at Rio Gringa
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OMG, you brought tears to my eyes. Congrats to you two!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2009 on Arrivals Gate at Rio Gringa
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This show is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. It really shows that money doesn't buy class or maturity. You are so right about the excess it portrays as well. Watching this show is like watching the movie "Mean Girls" but starring grown women. LOL
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