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correction: When Jesus cames back, and I mean with the white Horse, Jesus will only be angry at them who lack Grace. Mark3:5 It is A Gift, get it while you can, no strings attached.
Jesus is only angry at them who lack Grace :) Mark 3:5
You will Love it! God Almighty has set before me (you) One MESMERIZING Justification FREELY, the redemption of my (your) sins [condition] so that I be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus by His Gift of Grace, and to Enter the Secret-Place [all that the Finished Work of Jesus Christ entails] of my Abba, where I REST[Wayward Grace], hope and remain, not in my performance, hallelujah!. ~ Alejandro Grace Ararat Five awesome things I want so share on religion 1- On the other hand,Religion and man's doctrines make God's Word of NO EFFECT(Mk 7:13) 2- Religion" says, "DO THESE THINGS, and you WILL BECOME righteous in the eyes of God." Grace and Truth says, "BELIEVE that by My Sacrifice, you now ARE righteous in the eyes of God OUR Father." 3-. A man who is loved by God Almighty once said::There are some people, who, if you ask them, 'What is life?' are bound to say that it means being religious and performing religious duties. Let us examine ourselves, my dear friends. One of the greatest dangers facing preachers is the danger that they will live on their own activity, speaking, preaching, being engaged in church work, being very active about their religion. There is a danger of living on all this until suddenly, when the activity is gone, one is left empty-handed. Have you not seen that? 4-Christianity is not a philosophy, indeed not even a religion. and number five:) 5-The most important difference between the religions of the world and the Christian faith is the difference between law and gospel[Good news or Good Tidings]. At the core of every religion is the application of moral instruction and advice for personal transformation. This appeals to all human beings because we are all wired for law. But the essence of Christianity is not law but gospel. Christ fulfilled the law and paid the penalty for our lawlessness. The gospel therefore is not good advice that needs to be applied, but good news to be believed. The spirit of religion wants you to focus on what is wrong with you, what you have done, or should be doing, watch this link in all its truth and splendor: As bono said "And yet, along comes this idea called Grace to upend all that "as you reap, so you will sow" stuff. Grace defies reason and logic. Love interrupts, if you like, the consequences of your actions, which in my case is very good news indeed". Religion frowns and excludes others. A relationship with Jesus produces uncontainable joy, expressed to everyone. Recently I have become aware that even rick warren unconspicously manipulates the masees by teaching his congregation that any ""if you do this you will be blessed" as the way is not Jesus' Gospel but the law which demands and will not lift a finger to help. Therefore, Christianity is not a behavior modification nor behavior improvement program or system and dress up in religion clothing, Jesus revealed that God’s plan was actually an exchange of nature. John 3:16 Jesus became sin thet we [all persons] might become the righteousness of GOD in Christ Jesus. 2 Cor 5:21 ~Alejandro Grace Ararat
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Feb 22, 2011