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Great stuff Jason. I look forward to the next podcasts.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2011 on Episode 1 at ALBANY CROSSFIT
I added my review, but not for the free swag. I miss you guys!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2010 on Weighted Chin-Up at CrossFit South Brooklyn
David is so tough that the car told it's friends that it got into a David accident.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2010 on WOD 6.3.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
40 is the new 39. Happy Birthday Paul!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2010 on WOD 5.27.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
I have two tables of undetermined length that I could loan you. They are pretty sturdy. I think that one is 6 ft and the other 3 ft. Someone would have to come and pick them up.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on WOD 5.13.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Just checking in. My personal training schedule is jam packed. My schedule does not allow me to get to CFSBK. I am going to try to swing by on Thursday. P.S. My elbow is fine but my forearm is still jacked up.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Speaking of backing off, I am really banged up right now. I have a bad case of tennis elbow in both arms. I have been focusing on putting some work on the Concept2 and resting the elbows. Rowing is one of the few things that doesn't cause my elbows to flare up. Pressing also doesn't cause any flare ups. My diet is locked in, so this time off will allow me to properly recover.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
I was at the NEQ last year as a score runner. It was an experience to say the least. It was a special time for me. I was surrounded by elite athletes and coaches and an electric crowd. I am now a professional volunteer for CrossFit events.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on WOD at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Worksets 225 X 1 245 X 1 255- Fail 245 X 1 205 X 5 205 X 5 I need to work on my bar path. I think I need to bring the bar down lower on my chest.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on Bench Press at CrossFit South Brooklyn
15:45 - Scaled to 95 lbs. 95 lbs feels like 135 after a run. It felt good to be at an early class on Sunday. I decided not to drink the night before. Full rest = good workout.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on WOD 4.18.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
The low-bar squat puts the bar over the middle of your foot. The high-bar creates a moment arm. It's similar to starting a deadlift with your shoulders behind the bar. Also, the bar rests on a shelf of soft tissue on the low-bar squat. The high-bar squat has the bar resting on the cervical spine. However, one of the challenges of a LBS is that most people don't have the shoulder flexibility to hold the bar below the spine of the scapula. With that said, I am doing the high-bar squat as prescribed.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
I am torn about high bar squats. Rip said never to do them. I'll do them today, but under protest.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Deadlift Warm-up 135 X 5 185 X 5 Work Set 235 X 3 265 X 3 265 X 3 215 X 3 215 X 3 I started to black out on the 265's. Wanted to set a new PR at 310 for a single, but that wasn't happening.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2009 on Deadlift at CrossFit South Brooklyn
1/2 Murph 42:30 Push-ups were chest to floor and squats were ass to floor with a good lordotic curve. Subbed jumping ring pull-ups. I am proud of myself. I am getting to the point where I am actually finishing WOD's. The next step is to go a little faster with the ultimate goal of doing everything as RX.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2009 on "Murph" at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Check out Jeremy at the NEQ. The video is still processing, so the quality may not be that good. Give it some time and watch in HD.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on Thruster Ladder at CrossFit South Brooklyn
The Milford crew was amazing! If I go to Aromas, you can count me in as a supporter.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2009 on CF Milford finishing strong..... at CrossFit Milford