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Andrew Kang Bartlett
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico!
Interests: Overcoming the little self
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I hadn't seen this news on land grabs. This is such an important issue. Thanks for this post, Alexandra!
Yes. Hope to see you there, Leslie!
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Please note that it is also possible to join the HEART - Heaven on Earth Agrarian Road Trip for a segment of the trip, or to caravan together, especially as we head north toward the US Social Forum in Detroit.
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Great stuff, Alex. And on this topic, check out this multimedia presentation, which shares the stories and voices of farmworkers, growers, businesses and fair food advocates. You can learn about the harsh realities of farmworker conditions and the promise of improved farm labor practices in American agriculture.
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Awesome picture. I was supposed to do a workshop this summer at GR but failed to get enough registrants. Alas! How I miss that place. Glad you got out there. -akb
How stupid do they think we are? Focus groups no doubt confirm we are pretty darn stupid, I guess. :-( Of course all food is grown in a locality since vegetation is rooted in place!
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Anitra. Hi. I enjoyed your reading your thoughts. For one, it's encouraging and affirming to know that someone is thinking about the GAC employees this week. Being at home alone doing hours of labor on my 99-year-old house can be a little isolating. Dealing with the losing out on a week of pay? I turned my time off into virtual $ by scraping caulking and beginning to prime the house. I hope my hours of grunting and sore muscles made up for some portion of lost wages by not outsourcing the job. Some other pluses were: 1) learning what critters were eating what seeds, seedlings and vegetables in my yard. 2) no email for 10 days!!! 3) time to drive to Pat Gleich's horse farm (I think you know she is out of a job since the latest cuts and negating the national health office; and they have to sell their beautiful farmstead) to get a pick-up truck load of seasoned manure and oak shavings! 4) feeling (ouch) my muscles, learning skills, and actually seeing the fruit of my labor! 5) time for basketball with Julian to give my forearms a break 6) heard lots of Terry Gross interviews on NPR 7) and did I mention no email? A GAC colleague said, when I asked about his week - "If I could afford it, I'd do it every week!" I guess I would miss trying to make a difference through my work with the church....but sign me up for every other week! Thanks for being Anitra. You do it well. Best, andrew
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