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@Laiima - I've read something about how often students are called on by the teacher. Even in cases where the teacher is feminist, and is trying to be egalitarian, the teacher themself would feel like girls were being called on more often, or were "dominating" discussions, when in fact, girls were only called on 1/3 of the time. Having boys and men be the center of attention just seems "natural" to everybody. I think I've read that too, and I suspect that it (at least a little) applies to writing as well. It feels oddly wrong to write a story that's not specifically about women/women's issues that also features many female main characters. It's just sort of... Not How It's Done. Which makes me want to poke my brain with a stick and tell it to shush, four out of a dozen characters is not a majority.
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Nov 21, 2011