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Good on you for having the courage to write about this! MUNI buses have cameras but their utility is almost completely negated by the lazy, corrosive and abusive reactions of SFPD reps when people try to report crimes that may have been filmed. I know a man who is 87 years old who was sucker-punched in the face by a teenager on a MUNI bus. The kid then laughed and stepped off the bus. When I heard about it that afternoon, I said "You've got to report this- there was a camera that might have caught it!" He said, with the wisdom of experience, "The police don't care what happens to an old Chinese man like me." I insisted, and took him to Mission station to file a report, offering to act as his translator. To my astonishment, he was totally correct about their attitude. Unlike your case, however, nothing I could say would convince the officer on duty to take a report. I felt shame and disgust at having made my friend walk out on a limb (Chinese people are always paranoid about dealing with cops) in the misbegotten belief that the police would care enough to do their jobs. The police culture in this city is a travesty.
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Sep 13, 2012