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It has taken me a long time to accept that Rev Fr. Marcellus Bekong Morfaw is gone never to return. I remember how much help he was to me when in 1989 as a prospective seminarian I arrived at the BIROCOL.I also remember that as he was the one who paid my transport fare from Mamfe to Buea to attend the interviews. He took me under his wings as he did Orume Ignatius and many others.God gives and he takes back.To the Morfaw family accept my sincere condolences. To Fr Mac you lived the life if a good man. Rest in Peace until we hopefully meet again on the last day.
In as much as I agree with the comment by Ma Mary as to what consitutes rape or as to whether a woman can accuse her husband of rape or even yet if a man can be guilty of raping his wife, I find it very hard to establish the corelation between rape and the situation of Southern Cameroon. I find that such extra-polations genearlly kill what would hitherto have been a good subject for discussion. Let us all stay within the topics as they are usually meant to incite constructive debates. Kudos to you Mr. Joseph Mbi Tanyi