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The irony is that the Ismailis were the colonial representatives .... for lack of a better word... of the British Empire. They basically ruled Kenya and Tanzania on behalf of the British. In the 90s many Ismailis were subject to pogroms orchestrated by Muslim and non Muslim blacks who resented t their presence there and alleged that they were racists toward blacks. They amassed huge wealth during these times and later emigrated to the West where their British influenced ethics and mannerisms allowed them to assimilate easily into British and N American societies. They are despised by Sunnis (who do not consider them Muslims) and often persecuted and harassed by mainline Shia s who consider them heretics also. Question: How does this work with Texas Education? Did the Ismailis write the text books? Were they only consulting on them? What classes did these things appear in? History? Religion? Orientalism? Mandatory or elective? Was this a decision made from an established fact that there needs to be education about Muslims in TX and Perry picked the Ismailis from a menu of Muslim consultants? Or was this a decision made without a general requirement of educating TX pupils about Islam?
This is what I was referring to in regards to Russia. Now that Obama ceded Poland and the Czechs back to them, I wonder why is the US so quiet on this issue. Canada already faced off the Danes over this. Now its Russia. Does anybody care about the oil/gas deposits there? And the strategic location?
This guy is classic.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on West to Hamas-Linked CAIR: "Nuts!" at Atlas Shrugs
I don't really like Perry. He is a pandering disloyal former Dem. His talk of secession will be used by Dems to beat him. I prefer him to Obama of course but I don't think anybody wanting to sit in the WH should be making statements about secession from the Union. However I do not think that the Ismailis are Jihadis or even dangerous. If most Muslims were like them, we wouldn't have these problems. I live close to one of their mosques. I know that women and men pray together, they sing Hindu chants during prayers and to service they wear prep school/ country club clothes. Dark blue blazers with white shirt+ tie and beige pants/skirts. No burkas, no beards, no hijabs etc.... They used to be the custodians for the British Empire in Africa and were expelled and massacred by the blacks who conducted pogroms against them in Tanzania and even parts of Kenya. Aga Khan is a slick billionaire and surely charismatic and with an agenda. A Dalai Lama meets a TV evangelist type. But he collaborated with Israel in building hospitals in Kenya, is a friend of Simon Peres and has never been caught saying things defending terror or attacking Israel etc... He was critical of the Iraq war and defends Islam the faith as all other moderate Muslims who are ashamed of the jihadis. Their sect is considered heretic among Sunnis and many Shia. They are persecuted and harassed in Pakistan and Iran. In the West they are well integrated, many in the high professions like dentists, accountants, lawyers etc.. I worked with one of their foundations once. It operates bars, hotels and restaurants. Not sharia/halal stuff for sure. I WANT SARAH TO RUN..... PLEASE SARAH RUN !!! None of the GOP candidates come close to her in class and substance.
Ellison is an agent of the enemy. If more of his kind were in Congress, we would have a Hezbollah problem in Washington. Representatives of foreign interest in our legislature.
You gotta admit all that bowing reminds one of the "I dropped the soap" jail shower scene. Must be tempting to see all those bums pointing upward.
Many in the media are dismissing this event by alluding to the fact that gasoline tanks were used. Considering the reality of NYC, that choice of explosives doesn't automatically mean incompetence. It could also mean smarts. NYC has radiation detection devices and the NYPD has bomb sniffing dogs on patrol in high traffic areas. Gasoline would have bypassed either of those detection mechanisms. Fertilizer is probably hard to come by in NYC and is also difficult to construct a bomb from it without the usage of large amounts which would have meant parking a truck there instead of a simple low key SUV.
Can't wait for the right wing radical Tea Party supporter to be arrested. As we know there is no such thing as "Islamic Terrorism". But seriously, this one looks a lot like the car bomb diffused in that Mercedes in London recently. Two has tanks, fuse and smoke billowing out of the car. Those "lone men" were medical students based in the UK. Hardly an incompetent bunch. Of course Charlinsky is dismissing this as an "an amateurish pile of junk." Funny for someone who sees threats to his life when receiving an e-mail calling him an idiot dismissing two gas tanks fused with firecrackers as amateurish. Those two cans, had they gone off, would have probably killed anywhere from 3-15 people and injured over a hundred. Not TNT or fertilizer for sure but hardly something to dismiss given that TS is usually packed with people and cars moving slowly through it could have also exploded along this bomb.
Open the doors of America, Israel, Europe. These societies need to be assimilated into the third world and/or Islam for their existence is apartheid otherwise. Bring on "Post Americana" and the One state solution !! This is the mantra of the Left and those they have agitated in their new "revolution". SO they can establish their mob enforced dictatorship everywhere. "Social Progress".
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally NYC at Atlas Shrugs
Obama is Putin. Threatens his opposition by demonizing it as a threat to his "nation". He is also desperate. BTW guess who is pimpin' this new O'song of lies and propaganda: We have entered into the phase which precedes the outright criminalization of dissent. The phase where dissent is demonized and de-legitimized. Full on Alinsky, but worse. This is Chavez-Putin-China stuff. I can bet $100 that Obama will instigate riots in 2010 Nov or 2012. Provocation like what we saw at the health care passage was only the beginning. This administration has lost its moral right to govern and that will soon show at polls and discussions. It will be natural for them to taking this to a new level.
This is the education British kids are getting these days at after school band camp I suppose... "Lauren Booth – patron of the antisemitic blood-libel-spreading racist hate paper, The Palestine Telegraph - of course. And the ‘rap’ she’s selected to teach her toddlers was written by Lowkey, the 9/11 ‘troofer’ nutcase." Booth, for those unfamiliar with British Leftist Nazism, is a friend of Jenny Tonge who was just recently defended by Nick Clegg, the "Liberal Democrat" called the 'UK OBAMA" by the local media. I wonder if he has heard of the German and Russian Liberal Democrats (look them up) as it seems their ideas are merging fast. Seeing white British kids singing Hamas this way makes seeing Hamas kids singing Hamas all the more palatable. I can't say I am shocked that now these Hamas tactics of media child abuse have made it into the West. It was expected. Oh well...we await the next morbidly shocking stomach turning vomit coming down the line. I m sure that sh*t ship has already left port and set sail.
You go girl!!! Awesome stuff. Will read for sure.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
It reminds me of the judge in the UK a few years ago who declared he didn't know what a website was so acquitted some Jihadi who posted terror threats on line. I wonder where a journalist who blogs would fall in the world of this judge. As the cross migration among the media is now so common.
How sneaky. Infiltrate these agencies which over time usually garner more and more power. This way they need not to get elected anywhere. They need not to even spend so much in buying politicians. They will be in the "shadow" government so to speak. The agencies, the commissions, the associations etc. Mark Steyn had an experience with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. While that commission has much more power than any of its American counterparts, there is no telling the difference will persist for long. All it takes is another Obama term and a few more Supreme Court cases with his new to be nomenies and "Social Justice" will be part of the new US Constitution. Canadian HRCs have powers of courts (the decisions are binding and can only be appealed through appellant Courts and the SC) without check of losers paying costs. The costs killed Ezra Levants magazine. When a society doesn't see the jihad spitting in its face, these creeping elements are so undetectable that before we know it, CAIR is everywhere. In places which usually over time, gather more power and influence and also often loosen accountability over time. Here s Tarek Fatah, a Canadian Anti Jihad Muslim advocate explaining how the Left (mentions Obama specifically) and even the center right are willfully ignoring the infiltration of Jihad into society via persons like Tariq Ramadan and company. He actually says, that the Islamists are creating a fifth column right in front of our eyes and we choose not to even talk about it. When a left leaning practicing Muslim denounces Obama, the media and quotes Mark Steyn, we have truly entered the twilight zone. Tareq about Tariq:
G^d Bless You All. Looks like it was a great success. Lets see if the Dhimmi media will cover this.
The more people show up the more likely the whores like Schumer will be scared of the new tide. Nothing else can divide the Democratic party than this issue. I wish I could be there myself. Go for it Pam, you re da best !!!
Clegg has no chance of forming the government. It will be the Labs or Tories who will, but if Clegg is successful, he will have the balance of power. In other words, there will either be a minority government or a coalition of Labour-LibDems as I cannot see the Tories going into coalition with LibDems. It is perfectly natural for Obama to oppose AZ. He wants to secure the Latino vote and the to be naturalized illegal vote. The bet is that Latinos will fall for this. However I am not that sure. In AZ and other border states, the American Latinos are the first (and often only) victims of Mexican gang violence, kidnapping extortion etc. So I m not sure if they would support this. This is why the Obama people are already playing the race card. Knowing that only by portraying any effort to limit this invasion as racist could they sway Latinos at large.
Clegg was an obvious Jew hater when he defended Jenny Tonge who spread those blood libels about Haiti originating at a Black Nationalist website (also Huffpost posting) in the USA. His true colors are showing clearly. Of course it is also politics. He wants to steal the Muslim vote from Respect and Labor. By just getting Muslim support, he could seal strategic ridings in the greater London areas where Muslims are basically majorities. Americans need to take note. Ohio has already shown that even Governors are willing to whore themselves to CAIR for votes in key Columbus districts. Not to mention Minnesota where soon Muslims will also control key areas. Michigan is also in play along the same lines. Watch also carefully what is happening in AZ. As Obama clearly made the bet to side with illegals knowing that if the Democrats can take the Latino vote in AZ, TX and Fla, they may secure key electoral votes from traditionally republican states.
So parents burying their hero kids have to watch signs saying "God Hates Fags" but insults to Mohamed are illegal? Can someone please show me on the map where America is? I stopped seeing it a while ago...
Well Steve who knows. That Bolivia crotch touch did it for me.
No gay jokes please....
Here s the report from the local paper: There are I believe 6 Emirates in the UAE. They vary as to how Islamic they are. Dubai considered the most "liberal" of them while Abu Dhabi the most conservative. All Emirates are governed by Sharia law except Dubai which applies common law on non Muslim expats. So in other words, if you are not a Muslim, you will be prosecuted under common law principles but still under Sharia tradition. So if you are caught "fornicating" without marriage or drinking alcohol (allowed only for non Muslims in select locations), you will not be lashed or stoned but fined, jailed and expelled. Recently the Emirates have started to become more keen on enforcing Muslim social mores. I have friends who worked in Dubai who told me that since Adu Dhabi bailed out its smaller neighbor, it started to impose a more strict enforcement of Muslim mores. This is why we see more cases involving foreigners who are facing trials for "crimes" like kissing, drinking and "fornicating". Expats are now starting to be scared. You can be arrested for any allegation of breaking local moral codes and you will need to prove your innocence by submitting to DNA tests (in case of sex outside of marriage) It seems that the ruler of Dubai has stretched further than his blanket as the locals have not been ready for such a fast and large influx of Westerners which they see as a threat to their traditions. About 75% of the population is non local. Laws which were not enforced a couple of years ago, now are. Even before this new unfriendly climate, an effective apartheid system has been in place in the country. People are classified by national origin, religion and race. The first class is the locals. They can jump you in the line at the bank for example. They can take your seat in a restaurant if they so desire. For the most part, they act politely toward white Western expats but darker skinned Indians, Blacks or Asians live basically like blacks did in the South under segregation. The Second class are white Expats. They need only give priority to locals and can openly discriminate against other expats based on race and religion. You can openly request white assistants in an ad or white nurses etc... Then come the South Asians. They work both in the white and blue collar worlds and some are permanent residents. However they need to open the doors for locals at malls, cannot sit at tables locals want in restaurants and may also be asked to leave if locals are requesting it. At the bottom are the migrant workers, Philipina maids, Vietnamese/Chinese/ African construction workers etc. These people are basically slaves. Their passports are confiscated and they are forced to live in segregated areas. They are not allowed to gather in groups except where permitted. There are also the prostitutes and camel jockeys who are effective slaves owned by locals or expats. Russians often own sex slaves as do Pakistanis and Malaysians. White women are in high demand, especially blond ones. So many of the local prostitutes are Russian or former Soviet in origin. The worse experiences are encountered by Indian and Phillipino professionals who are often doctors,bankers and engineers but are treated like migrant workers with whom they share skin color. Officially a white person, even female, could go to the bank, the post office or drive a car. However, often females are not served at the bank or are asked to leave because they "offended" a local present at the time. Expats may own vehicles but cannot have tainted windows. They also get 99% of traffic tickets. Locals can drive fast and violate traffic rules for the most part. Often when a group of cars go above the speed limit, the police will only pull over the expat vehicles which they can distinguish by them not having tainted windows. The locals use tainted windows to hide women who are either driving or are siting in the vehicle. As unlike Saudi Arabia where women cannot drive, in Dubai they can but they still offend some who may act out upon seeing that so tainted windows prevent the "offense" from being visible.
"I agree whole heartedly, but instead of McArthy with Churchill ( cigar and all)!!! Sure, I meant by McCarthy someone who will take this on from Congress as for a better leader, anytime. Cigars, bulldogs or pit bulls and lipstick will do.
" This is not the first time the Pentagon has folded to CAIRs demands and I expect that it will not be the last. " Do ya think they had anything to do with the Nidal Hasan cover up? ;)