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Come on Paullllll!!!!!!!!!!!!, you have disgraced us. you have finally admitted. you have put our anus outside. i don bad. what a question? from a 25 year in power head of state? i wish only illiterates see and read this speech world wide. A question you are suppose to have an answer to. what a shame. if all what you have enumerated was done some 5 years ago, you could have been ranked among the best leaders in the world. good ideas but where is the implementation. please, it's time. give way and fast.
Ricardo I will tell u one thing. Every living soul on this earth loves peace and a man ceases to care about it if he or she is pushed to the wall and his own right and sovreignty is tempered with. Even animals behave the same. U said Cameroonians are educated and intelligent enough to fight what u look at as the only prolem confronting Cameroon. i suppose u are equally educated and well read to have had a good history of that country and to be intelligent enough to to know that there is a big streamline between these two so called reunited parts East and Southern Cameroon.Inorder to be able to go about a solution of any problem, you must have been able to identify the fact that there is a problem, then look at what the problem is and then start seeking a solution. so if your group, whether u call it caadim or what is still at the level of not even being able to identify that there is an Anglophone problem, then it's just a pity for that kind of a group. Aparently you are not a nation building group. you are those same kind of of schemes that the current regime uses to see that no positive changes come around in that country for small tokens that u get. am really sorry for you. you got to wake up because even people who are not Cameroonians, not even Africans know about this and u can find these in the media world wide. try to read and be informed.
so what does fonjindam say the cpdm has done for his people over a period of 23 years?
There is just one cause to all these mess:Bad governance. A country cannot have or encourage technical education and when children leave universities with degrees cannot find jobs some for as long as 10 years after what do thay do? they must move.If the western world isdeveloped thanks to technical education and respect for the state policies and laws, and if Africa cannot identify this trick, there will never be a change.
how can the governnebt not neglect the border areas when a right thinking leader opened his mouth in a state adress that "si Yaounde respire, le Cameroon vivre".Let teh borders people be in all the difficulties they have been in. No roads, no water, no electricity, no hospitals but God has still been taking care of everyone. they have even a longer life expectancy than those who greedily enjoy all the state facilities. Bakassi has been handed over to Cameroon, that is one thing and to develop the borders is another. I strongly advice that "you" got to act fast, otherwise before you start thinking the area will be devoid of the oil you know is in there!!!!!!!
Congratulations Ebot. this is fantastic and i know late beloved mother has all the dedications. Cameroonians should learn to decease from this artititude of criticism and persimism, otherwise we will remain at the same point as we have been since 23 years.People say the you shall grow and if Ebot has wash his hands clean, why cant he eat with Samuel L jackson? in any case we have to change. Once again Congrats Ebotand thanks for making some potive-minded Cameroonians proud. Keep up.
What is all this Fru Ndi and Muna saga about? For how long will they fight the inter-tribal fight and to start thinking of how to take over national affairs? Cameroonians should stop behaving s blind people and face realities. We know that SDF had the opportunity to get to rails and she failed sometime ago, so all this conflict of personal intrerests going on now is a mere waste of time. I strongly advice the media to reserve that space in their papers for better not in support of the CPDM either but am saying Cameroonians generally should wake up because others are thousands of mile away in this 21 century!!!!
Congratulations Mr Ojongfong. Even can be the rout to a better Cameroon. Acountry where accountability is a foreign word in the state dictionary. Keep up, i think God is your own witness. Thanks
Who are these bunch of idiots and slaves opening their dirty mouths to talk about Manyu instead of facing they crisis facing the entire nation? Can one of u fools tell me which of Cameroon has what they call a road in the real meaning of the word if atall you have ever seen one. Next time time you got to go clean your mouths, perfect your English language skills before you dare utter a word about Manyu Division and her elite. An ordinary Cameroon from any part suffer the effects of a poor road network in Manyu than a Manyu man. you can go find out how and why, which i know will take you idiots centuries to ever know that. Bastards.