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Akupunktur Arhus
Boel Akupunktur Århus Stenvej 23, st. 8270 Højbjerg tlf: 97 87 58 00
The Ideal Hospital The Ideal Hospital is a hospital the is so professional and effective in regards to the treatment of physical diseases that people walking in the front door knows that this is the place that can and will help improve their condition. The staff in the Optimal Hospital should be so able in the treatment of the human body that patients know that if they just arrive with enough money and time to go through the treatment they will be cured or bettered considerably. The Optimal Hospital must have enough diagnostic equipment to make a diagnosis that is precise enough to start an effective treatment. Such diagnostic equipment would include x-ray, scanning machines, blood testing etc. The staff of such a hospital would include doctors, acupuncturists, and specialists in vitamins, minerals etc., physiotherapists, specialists that could handle any mental situation that would impede healing and others. Each one should be an expert in their field and in combination they would be able to cure or elevate every disease the human body could have that is physically possible to cure. This is my dream. Some would say that it is not possible to achieve. Maybe it will not happen in my time but then I hope that others will carry the torch. I hope that we one day will have Ideal Hospitals in every country on planet Earth. Best, John Boel Owner of Boel Akupunktur Århus
Interests: Boel Akupunktur Arhus,akupunktur klinik,acupuncture,aulum, Akupunktur Odense, makula degeneration, Nervebetaendelse, Restless legs, Menieres, Iskias, Iskiassmerter, Iskias behandling, Kol, Angina pectoris
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Dec 28, 2016