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Interesting, not sure the value or how they where calculated. For example no Twitter for Android and the numbers seem to far apart i.e. Facebook is a 20% swing.
Nice post, I agree with you technology should perhaps come below Marketing Opps as well. To often we limit ourselves by planning, creating and working with technology. Technology is a tool to be used and molded to fit a need, not the other way around.
David, to answer your headline question in my opinion...No. Marketers will jump in head first without thinking and show how great they are to clients similar to Klout. However it's all background clutter and missing substance. Will it really force engagement? The casual tweet or post is not engagement.
I am with you Steve, there is only so much one can take. My question would be when do hit the breaking point.
The videos are brilliant and everyone is talking about the Old Spice brand. However, talk doesn't translate to sales. They haven't really followed up on the success. This past Sunday there wasn't one Old Spice coupon riding the viral train. Roy Wells @royjwells makes a good point in is blog post today, worth the read in combination with this post. Success is really defined by what you measure. If it is fans and followers it clearly is a winner. If revenue and loyal customer base is how success is measured? Then there clearly are some questions.
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Jul 20, 2010