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Alan Charlesworth
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hmmm, do I start this 'hi Leslie' :) I'm in the UK and over here the whole 'have a nice day' approach usually goes down like a lead balloon - probably because we don't do it very well. I think the PayPal dialogue which is most problematic is the 'I hope you have enjoyed your day!' line. Anyone who has sent in any kind of problem/query is likely to shout at the computer 'of course I haven't ... I've still not sorted out the problem I've contacted you about.' That said, I prefer this to the 'techie' reply that talks in a different language or the reply which doesn't actually tell you anything. Footnote: I'm being picky, but the syntax of 'I hope you have enjoyed your day' seems wrong. 'I hope you are enjoying your day' or 'I hope you enjoyed your day' sound better. Or is that just a Brit thing?
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Nov 11, 2010