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The new GH3 is almost a revolutionary camera, if it was not for the GH2. Stills and video in one box that does not compromise at a price that won't break the bank. The Canon still cameras are compromised for video. The Nikon still cameras are compromised for video. The new Sony A99 looks very good but in a much more expensive and larger camera. The GH3 adds features that all photographers will like but as many have said the video is where it shines and Panasonic has addressed the needs of the videographer well. The GH3 ads higher bit rates, higher frame rates, audio monitoring and control all in a weather sealed body. The video picture quality of the GH2 is a s good as cameras costing 10 times as much with none of the typical HDSLR problems of moiré and ailising and lack of resolution. If Panasonic keeps this good sharpness, they will have a winner. By the way the GH2 is a great still camera as well and the GH3 will be as well. I love seeing the exposure, focus, white balance and depth of field in the viewfinder. Also not having to take my eye away from the viewfinder to see playback is absolutely the best. Not even my excellent Olympus E-M5 does this. Thank you Panasonic.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Refreshments! at The Online Photographer
Hopefully you will include the new 12-35mm f2.8 X lens as well. It is spectacular.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2012 on Zooms vs. Primes, Part I at The Online Photographer
I would also vote for the GH2. It may be long in the teeth but it still packs a punch. Even though I have and love the EM-5, the GH2 is my go to camera for anything video. Outshines them all. There is simply nothing better. The only one that has no moire and ailising. Voted as good as video cameras costing ten times as much. If there was a crossover camera the GH2 is it. Here is my review of this splendid camera:
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2012 on Calling All Geeks! Part I at The Online Photographer
A few years ago I tried going to a Seattle Mariners game with an Olympus E-3 and an old used Tamron SP 300mm f2.8 lens that I just bought on eBay. They would not let me in with the lens saying that it was to big and too long. They said that the professional photographers were complaining about us amateur's competing with them. I had walked from the ferry dock so I could not put the lens in my car. I used to take my Tamron Sp350mm mirror lens with no problems. This was news to me. So what did I do after getting very discussed with this? I gave the tickets away and left. They lost a loyal fan that day and I have not been back. I have not watched them on TV either. I finally realized It was not about the fans anymore. We (the public) helped pay for that stadium but we had no rights. A private concern had all the rights. We were just pawns in the game, so it did not matter that I supported the team. All "Professional" sports are about one thing, money. With their "high priced whiners" (ball players) they can take it elsewhere for all I care. One thing I like about the m43rd's gear is that it is small. It is a lot more stealth than my old Canon gear. I have never gotten permission or a permit to shoot so I was not about to start now. I could now show up with my m43rd's outfit and probably get past the goons at the gate. But Why?
The price is not certain. Panasonic may have given the dealers a price but the price of this lens has not been published publicly. DPreview and the other sites have not said what the suggested list price is. Only PhotograpyBLOG has said $999.00 US. The dealers will try to get what they can. I feel the price will near the $1000 to stay competitive. The 7-14 started high but has lessen with time.
I love the Electronic Viewfinder for all the same reasons the Kirk mentions. But then I should as I have been a professional videographer for the last 35 years and we have had this technology as long. I am just glad it has made it to still hybrid cameras. My first EVF still camera was my Sony VX-1000 video camera. It shot 640x480 stills which I used for newsletters and video frame grabs. Then Sony came out with the F-707 still camera with EVF. I liked that camera a lot. I turned way from the EVF on a still camera back to a mirror with the newer DSLR's that became affordable but I missed the EVF. Well I am back with the Panasonic GH2 and I have not looked in an optical viewfinder since. In fact the GH2 is my video camera as well. Life is good.
I use this lens extensively on my GH2 and love it. Wonderful. Worth every penny I paid for it. I have done a review as well:
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Mar 4, 2012