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I have to confess and say my geography knowledge is rubbish, perhaps I should read this book! I love the 'Activate your brain cells' lesson ideas.
Well made points as always Ollie. A responsibilty that many of us are already carrying and a conversation that many more are starting to have.
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Posted Jan 10, 2010 at Alan_Hamilton's blog
"...really fight for what I believe in to make sure that any children in my care get a modern education and not a re-invented one from the past 200 years." That is a really powerful message and one that many of us will join you in aiming to achieve. All the best for a great 2010. Thanks for all the encouragement and help you have given me over the last few months. Alan
I am using Office 2007 with my classes this year and the pupils are loving the new look and functionality. The whole school is getting it nest session partly on my feedback. Is Office 2010 similar in look and feel to 2007? Are you allowed to comment? Go on, I wont tell anyone! ;-)
I totally agree with you. Last Friday, during our extra CfE day we were tasked with agreeing on a course for for our new S1’s. We are to be given a double period to teach S1 ICT from next session, an increase from the single period of time we have always had. My initial reaction was that we should be moving away from timetabling ICT at all, a point for another debate I suppose. When we (IT Faculty) sat down to discuss this we got excited and carried away thinking of the possibilities that a double period with S1 opens up. I was reassured when we were coming up with lots of practical, project based work, mixed in with ‘hard skills’ and that the department were excited about using all kinds of technology in the mix. To focus on the original point of this reply, one of the things we were looking to encourage is the use of Wikipedia in the classroom, showing pupils how useful it can be when used properly, showing simple things like checking the validity of the source, using the citations, not copying and pasting directly from it, referencing it correctly when taking information from it and changing it when necessary. We are going to start with a short, simple exercise, like adding a (false) sentence into the SHS page, such as ‘well done to class ___ for winning class of the week’. Pupils have to be taught how to use sites like Wikipedia, but after that the possibilities are endless – look out for a bursting SHS Wikipedia site next session and boo to those who think this is going away.
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Ollie Many thanks as always for sharing your slides. Your Geography assessment has already got me thinking about how I could use it to improve a cross-curricular group task we do with our S2's. Will pick your brain more the next time I see you! Alan
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