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@Luise It's the Taq-i Kisra -- see for more info.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2011 on 146- The Spear of Destiny at The History of Rome
I just wanted to say "Bravo" for your "1421" correction. It's just yet another sign that this is the best history podcast on iTunes!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2011 on 146- The Spear of Destiny at The History of Rome
Matt: But, people can easily THINK it says something about this podcast when it endorses a fraud. Yes, "The History of Rome" is a great podcast that I've listened to for YEARS, but -- as I said -- if I had just started with this episode and heard a recommendation for such a well known travesty as the first matter of business I would have turned it off RIGHT THEN. So may other people anyway. If nothing else, it's really embarrassing! I consider this important, so much so that next episode an apology/retraction should be given. If listeners start to think that Mike believes in/endorses crank history then they may start to distrust anything he says on the podcast. Just one dumb mistake can cost you years of good will... And, remember, "1421" isn't just a piece of bad research or just a matter of opinion. It is a complete fraud full of nonsense reasoning, made up facts, and crank history. For a history podcast to endorse it amounts to an astronomy podcast endorsing a book on astrology! I honestly think people are doing Mike a disservice to suggest he should just ignore this issue. He can win a lot of good will by reputiating his recommendation -- and gain a lot of bad will if he were to act like the only problem is with those of us complaining. For everyone who posts a comment there are going to be hundreds who feel the same way, but who don't bother.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2011 on 146- The Spear of Destiny at The History of Rome
Bob, if you want people to take the podcast seriously it can't be endorsing pseudo-history by a proven charlatan. It's the sort of mistake that can destroy a podcast's credibility -- if I didn't already know how great "The History of Rome" was and had heard this endorsement of "1421" at the start of my first taste of this podcast I'd probably would have turned it off right then and there. It would be like listening to a biology podcast only for the first thing you hear to be the author endorsing some book on creationism! It makes the presenter and the podcast look bad -- there are a number of podcasts out there that present themselves as "authorities" on a given subject only to really just be cranks trying to push pseudo-history and/or science. Give people a reason to think you are one of them and your podcast fails before it's begun! Afer all, we don't want people mistaking "The History of Rome" as a home for crank history!
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2011 on 146- The Spear of Destiny at The History of Rome
Your recommendation of "1421" is a rare mistake on your part. The book is WIDELY held to be pseudo-history built from misinterpreted data and even just flat out make-believe. Honestly, it is no more accurate than a piece of bad historical fiction that only pays lip service to getting the history right. Just check out Wikipedia and other similar sources and the criticism of "1421" they list. Mr. Menzies is another classic example of someone making a lot of money because he is a talented charlatan who got really lucky, not because he is a skilled historian who earned his success. Otherwise, your latest episode is as great as ever!
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on 146- The Spear of Destiny at The History of Rome
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Aug 7, 2011