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Just read somewhere that only half of Tokyo's voters in their twenties went to the polls. While your claim that Ishihara was elected by the most informed of Tokyo's voters may be valid, the other side of the coin is that half the population, and especially the young, simply find their government irrelevant, looks like. Somebody needs to point out that government cannot be simultaneously incompetent and irrelevant.
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Amy Goodman, one of America's very few lefty journalists, has an interesting interview with Michio Kaku, the Japanese-American nuclear physicist who early on advocated burying Fukushima Daiichi. Despite no end of reasons why this radical solution was unwarranted, he persists. He would have the problem taken out of the hands of Tepco and turned over to the Japanese military. Whether he's the embodiment of the Panic Fringe or the voice of reason, I am not in a position to judge. Would like to hear your take.
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Charlie Rose had Naguib Sawiris, Chairman & CEO of Orascom Telecom, and head of a new minority party in Egypt on last night. Pessimistic about the future of Egypt. Will eat my yoghurt here instead, if you don't mind. As for the switch to 7 on the disaster scale, isn't that another example of true and accurate information that is worse than no information at all? I mean, so it's a 7. That's cause for distress, right? But it's 1/10 the 7 of Chernobyl's 7, if you can make sense of that. We are not informed. On the other front, the malaise that living with endless tremors brings, that's a malaise with a real whallop. Time to get serious about ways to deal with psychological stress, I should think. All around. Heard yesterday of an Oberlin student killed in the tsunami, the second now, as the circles of connections begin to overlap. Another sneaky psychological whallop. All very sobering. As is the astonishing stupidity of the people of Tokyo putting that putz back in office after he calls this a punishment from God. That probably depresses me most of all.
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Mar 26, 2011
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