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Mike, Thanks for having me. I would only add that Dr. Stanley Krippner, an internationally known psychologist and parapsychologist read and endorsed The SHIVA Syndrome. He said: "After a Russian mind-research project opens a black hole in a Moscow suburb, researcher Beau Walker is coerced into joining the ensuing investigation. He soon realizes that anomalies worldwide–including the loss of an American space shuttle and a bizarre personal experience–coincided with the Podol’sk singularity. As events escalate, Walker embarks on an epic journey to come to terms with his personal demons, even as he struggles to save humanity from itself. In The SHIVA Syndrome, the author (a clinical psychologist) skillfully and ingeniously interweaves altered states of consciousness and parapsychology with genetics, paleontology, mythology, and religion to produce a frightening, brisk, and film-worthy story building to an intense climax. The story challenges conventional notions of reality, ultimately concluding that human consciousness extends well beyond the flesh–and offers enormous potential for both creation and destruction." Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author Personal Mythology, co-editor Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence, Second Edition (August 2013).
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Apr 6, 2015