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Alan King
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Chicago more expensive? No kidding.. One of the worst unionized places in the world. Large labor pool and slowing economy. Large materials suppliers and same. with land and water access for more competition. More at the bottom and less at the top, for both cheaper construction and greater stiffness. You can pick any point in the middle and think of it as a shorter, thinner, lighter building on top of a shorter, thicker building to act as a mountain to build upon. How could it be much easier to see? It has a small fraction at the top compared to a building with a rectangular cross section. Everything is easier. Pretty sure from a show on the breakwater for the world they have regular 60+ MPH storms, and build for 100 or 150 MPH. Relatively small cross section at height, and staggered levels and 3 sided design to resist and break up the wind.. Great overall idea and they know what they're doing, not a lot to worry about on that end..
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Jan 4, 2010