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It's been quite a while since I was last here, but I thought this might be of interest: I have been contacted by the organiser of the Sustainatopia conference and exhibition, which is being held in Miami from 19th -... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2012 at AVATAR
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Nov 19, 2011
PyRoM4NiA, Either click on the 'Subscribe to this blog's feed' at the top of this web page or click on the link below (if it works) to take you so some of the other blogs, one of which in on the sequal: Jan, It's kinda comforting to know it has affected others in the same way as me! I just had a completely unexpected reaction to seeing the film which has rocked my world quite a bit. Maybe it's because we all see there is some aspect of our lives and on our home planet that is protrayed in the film and story that we long for but know the film is fiction and our lives and the world around us is the reality. Duno? Oh well, take each day as it comes; probably waching it a few more times at the flicks and then counting down to the DVD anf Blueray release, ready to wear the laser out! Kind regards, Alan
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Well I've been reading all these comments about a sequel and I have to say it has given me quite some comfort in reading them to know that it is not just me who has been so affected by this 'outstanding' film. I have never been so affected by a film like this before, which I find a bit disconcerting at 36! I hadn't followed its progress up to release and just went to see it like any other film. But after 2 hour 40 mins I felt like an emotional wreck, trying to hold it together having been so drawn into the story, the characters and the journey that it takes you on. Very well done to you Mr Cameron and your team! There were just of couple of things I struggled with: -When the humans used a machine to 'channel' their souls into the Na'vi Avatar how do it get into the Avatar? My answer would have been to have some sort of connector rod to which the Na'vi's neural ponytail/USB lead(!) would connect. Once the link had been made the 'soul' would always find its way..sort of thing. -Why was the ponytail on the Avatars already platted? I think that would have been done once the Avatar have been 'born' out of the maturation(?) chamber. Can't think of a solution round this one. -If the air is toxic to humans, how come the machine's engines still worked. I presume oxygen is still an element in the Pandoran atmosphere, but there are other elements that were toxic to the humans. Sorry to be nit-picky there, but that's the trouble with being an engineer! However, it certainly didn't diminish the film's affect on me at all. As for a sequel, when I first saw it I was in two minds: leave as it is and let the audience use their imagination to carry the story on or have a sequel to allow the experience and story to grow. I think I now 'need' a sequel! The trouble is trying to get it to live up to expectations. It'll be a tall order but one I'm sure they will be able to accomplish. Having read most of the comments here there certainly seems to be one or two rather compelling avenues that seem intriguing and others that perhaps don't quite feel right. It seems most folks need a sequel with Jake and Neytiri in it and the opportunity to explore Pandora. Same goes for me. And what of the Humans who were sent home? My thoughts are that Earth would not send one ship out and then wait for it to come back, but would send 'regular' conveys out and back. Since the distance from earth to Pandora is 5 to 6 years, why not have the ship sent home pass the ship being sent out to Pandora? That would give three years time to elapse. And since they are in 'stasis' the outward bound ship would not know what had happened. That three years gives a possible film production duration. Of course it could be adjusted to suit the production timescale if it is more or less. Whilst the next ship is on its way this give us time to absorb what happened to Jake, Neytiri and the Na'vi at the start of a sequel. Maybe this could include: -The recovery of the Omaticaya clan following the war with the humans from the moment Jake opens his eyes as a Na'vi. -Jake burying his human body...or putting it into stasis? -Rebuilding a home for the Omaticaya; repair their old home or find a new one? -What happened with the human facility? -The humans 'chosen to stay' helping to repair the damage, to show all is not lost for the humans, -A family for Jake and Neytiri? -The humans continuing their research, understanding the Na'vi and how they are part of the nature of Pandora, and/or finding a solution to Earth's problems? -New hidden depths to the Na'vi that show how in tune with their home they are. I don't think Jake would want to become Clan leader. He would respect there culture and ways to much to do that, but would rather serve...unless the clan really wanted him to become their leader. So someone else as clan leader? I think someone mentioned a brother of chappy who was meant to be the next leader and was last seen falling out of the back of a plane...but did he survive? Carbon fibre bones mentioned in the film... Of course there is no drama or compelling story without conflict and this could possibly come in the following forms: -Environmental problems on Pandora cause by the human's activities. There's a whole heap of material on this planet that could feed that! Maybe something that infects the root neural network of the planet? -Human illnesses that affects the Na'vi with Jake and co being the hybrids that could be the key -Return of the humans and realising what has happened launch another attack, imprison the resident humans and human/Na'vi hybrids causing the Na'vi to suffer. -Eywa begins to die due to the trauma of the war/mining and then there is a mission to save Eywa. -The capture of the humans and the human/Na'vi could lead onto the third film (if you want a trilogy!) where a rescue is undertaken and the Humans are finally 'enlighten' and return home to save 'mother earth'. I don't think there would be clan wars. They all came together in harmony to fight the humans. They have want for nothing and therefore no need to fight each other. This is a human condition, not Na'vi it would seem to me. I can't quite see the Na'vi going, or being sent to, Earth. The duration would be too long and slow the story. For me I need to see...experience more of this subtly balance life support system that is Pandora. I wonder if Mr Cameron or any of his team review these messages we have posted. It would be nice to think that they do and that it also helps inspire them. To all those who made the film and experience, from Mr Cameron, who's creation it is, to the people who made it happen from the actors, animators, technicians right through to the cleaning lady who swept up the 'performance volume', thank you all so very much. Best wishes, Alan P.S. Well done if you got this far!
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Jan 10, 2010