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Alan MacDonald
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I posted this on-topic and non-profane comment on Stiglitz's article about the "Equality Myth" to the NYT early this morning. But somehow the Times did not include it among reader comments. And yet there is a belief that mentioning Empire is not a taboo subject in America, eh? "There is always great and vast inequality within all Empires, particularly this disguised Global Empire hiding behind the facade of a modernized and TWO-Party 'Vichy' sham, and employing a bigger "National Myth than Equality" --- the myth of democracy. Best luck and love to the fast expanding 'Occupy Empire' educational and revolutionary movement against this deceitful, guileful, disguised EMPIRE, which can't so easily be identified as wearing RedCoats, Red Stars, nor funny looking Nazi helmets ---- quite yet! Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality Over Violent/'Vichy' Rel 2.0 Empire, Alan MacDonald Sanford, Maine We don't merely have a gun/fear problem, or a 'Fiscal Cliff' problem, or an expanding wars problem, or a 'drone assassinations' problem, or a vast income & wealth inequality problem, or a Wall Street 'looting' problem, or a Global Warming and environmental death-spiral problem, or a domestic tyranny NDAA FISA spying problem, or, or, or, or .... ad nauseum --- we have a hidden EMPIRE cancerous tumor which is the prime CAUSE of all these 'symptom problems'."
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Dec 6, 2009