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Neal, I am not blaming the gay community for the info that came out. When Dr. Rekers decided to rent a prostitute, cheat on his wife, lie to the world and make a mockery of evangelism he made this mess for himself. So, don't hear me blaming anyone for this mess except him. You make some valid points about the hypocrisy that is out there---it's a human thing not just a Christian or "ex-gay" (I don't like that term) one. However, I will give you this, Christians should know better especially when they preach it. I am not able to condemn and to say that's all I am about is categorically false. But, the truth of the matter is that many within the gay community---at least all of those speaking about this situation, are licking their chops over this one. I understand it, but it doesn't make it right. More than one champagne cork popped with the news of Rekers downfall. That isn't speculation, it's truth. I can honestly say that if the tables were turned that wouldn't be my response.
Kathy, COmments are not moderated. Unsure why your comments have not shown up. Confused. Alan
Thanks, Jen! I appreciate you and your encouraging support. I am praying for Dawson, too!
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Apr 14, 2010