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I had the same weird thing happen last June in sf. I had to sew the different neighborhoods back together in my mind as I drove. I found myself several times driving aimlessly in one direction until I could remember what to do next. So weird. Even though I grew up in and near sf for 39 years, it somehow feels like a "different" place to me now. Didn't expect to ever feel that. I always thought I'd be a San Franciscan my whole life at least in my heart. Maybe it's just all that lack of sleep from morherhood! Anyway have a good trip! San Francisco obviously loves you to pieces.
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I almost moved to new york once, gave up my apartment, sold my furniture, the whole nine yards, but a job kept me in sf, and then I met my husband. Anyway, when I was room shopping in ny, I looked at a shared three bedroom flat. the room was 7x9 with a loft for a bed. No living room. $800 in 1999. There was a curtain over the bedroom door. The guy who owned the flat said the curtain didn't come with the room, that I'd have to supply my own curtain.
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um, wow.
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