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A BEV Clarity? "Make no mistake" - a 300 miles range charged at a filling station is the only working model for personal mobility, whatever the cost!
It's even better than that, see how light the battery is: "The battery weighs 250 g and is located behind the rear seats" If only it were true. Yes I think we can say the motor is 15kg and the batteries are 250kg. Not a bad combined weight when you consider there's no engine, gearbox and exhaust system.
@Mannstein "At the cost of approximately $1000 US per Kwh for a lithium battery" Have you been keeping up with Renault-Nissan's EV programme? They've publically stated that the *packs* are less than $350/kwH - I expect with the investments they've made over a long period of time and using a chemistry that uses hardly any cobalt they're going to be knocking out these packs at about $250/kwH if that. So... enjoy the EV revolution!
Relax about Lithium. Even at $8/kg the raw materials cost for Lithium in the entire Volt battery pack is about $200. Current laptop style lithium cells tended to attribute about 60% of the raw materials cost to COBALT! It's the cobalt that contributes the most to lithium batteries and that's why cells used in cars use a lot less, and hence why Nissan is able to make their cells 'at cost' for substantially less then $300/KWh. Lithium Ion batteries specifically for mass produced electric vehicles are in the first generation, you can expect a lot of improvements in the future, and boy do we need it.
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Dec 15, 2009