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My old store delivered to two hospitals. We took food to patient rooms every night. But, it is up to you and your family to know if pizza is good for you. If you order it, I will bring it. One of the hospitals is a baby factory. They deliver more than 300 babies a month. For us that meant 300 totally healthy, happy customers. Some of the easiest money ever. Deliver to someone who has been a grandfather for about 15 minutes.
I remember the tour that included the "$250,000 hair cut" after brain surgery. I can't wait to see the return to the dark side.
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I don't peek. Perhaps it is that my favorite authors don't pull crap like introduce the killer on page 287. A part of IT support is accessing confidential information. You learn to look for what you need without peeking at what you don't. A handy skill when I have been given snippets of unpublished manuscripts to read and check. Even the nearly 200 page snippet one client needed checking. If one of my favorite characters should not make it to the end flap, I hope they get a good send off.
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Very fun! I am a pizza dude. One of our regular customers lives next door to a house where Hubs bashed his wife in the head and then said she fell down the steps. The coroner didn't buy it and neither did the jury. But someone moved into the house about a year after the trial. It did have new paint and windows.
After many years, I now take Monday holidays off from the pizza thing and will be spending the day with the family. But for my pizza brothers and sisters "Labor Day is just another day that I labor." I have pushed for many years for a "Service Workers Labor Day". On SWLD banks, schools, and factories would be open 7 to 11. Restaurants, Movie Theaters, and Malls would be closed.
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An inverse if you will. My youngest daughter and DW were at the library. DW picked a book off of the shelf and asked her if she had read it. "No. I never read that book." "You started it. It has your bookmark in it." DW opened the book at the book mark. There are only so many 1st graders with Elaine Viets bookmarks. That book had been to our house before.
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Kama Sutra is one of the titles in 613.96.
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2015 on What Does a Librarian Look Like? at My Weblog
I have known a few hot librarians, real librarians, not models with a book case behind them. Down with the frumpy. Besides, a good librarian knows what is in 613.96.
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My cars have all gone to work for a very long time. None ever got names. I do call my current car, a 2003 Saturn VUE with 240,000 very hard miles on it. It gets called, "My best friend." It is from "Men and Work" by George Will. Orel Hershiser calls his pitching arm his best friend, that he goes out and beats up every three days.
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You have been in Florida too long. You should have known bridges freeze first. :) Glad it worked out.
We shop SO MUCH better than women it is not even close. I shop for my two girls and me all the time. They love shopping with daddy. They are learning daddy's shopping rules: Does it fit? No, the rest doesn't matter. Will you wear it? No, the rest doesn't matter. How much is it? We will think about it. I can cover the mall in the same time DW covers two racks at Children's Place. BTW, I know the sizes I need. One day I walked into Brooks Brothers. The clerk asked, "Can I help you?" "Do you have this in 18 1/2, 34?" "Let me see?" Dude, I don't know how long you have been selling men's clothes, but I know the only thing in this store that fits me are ties and cufflinks.
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And see, I thought Don was kept in line by the knowledge that you have been "killing people" for more than ten years and he could end up fish food if he went too far.
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As a life long St. Louisian, I completely know humidity. It is what makes 85 feel like 105. It totally explains why Iced Tea was such a hit at the World's Fair and why the Germans brew so much lager beer here. Then one summer I went to the dessert. 107 and less than 3% humidity (most days the reported humidity was 0%, one day it was "trace") was more comfortable but weird. Once the idea that I drank 10 liters of water a day and that my shirt was never wet but accumulated enough salt to stand by itself, the dessert was fine.
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Years ago, in the pre-cellphone days, I worked for someone who routinely called people in when they were on vacation. I took a week long bicycle trip. From 6:00 am until about 2:00 pm I was somewhere on a country road in Missouri on my bike. After 2, I would be in some of the finest high school or junior college gyms in the state. When the boss asked how to reach me, I told him my father had access to the route map and a helicopter could be sent. Boss was not happy.
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I grew up in a 1928 built house in University City. The first floor bathroom had yellow tile that my mother added black fixtures and gold wallpaper. Upstairs was pink with robin's egg blue tile in one bathroom and green and black in the other. My brother and I turned out fine even after several decades of showering in a pink tile shower.
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Generic Dog biscuits. (crunchy crackers by the ingredients) Horse chow (not the dried corn, but oats and molasses) Monkey Chow (@ the St. Louis Zoo.) I think that's it.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2013 on I Know This Sounds Crazy . . . at My Weblog
I must be weird. I floss left to right, top then bottom. "Life is uncertain. Eat desert first."
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2013 on Unwritten Rules at My Weblog
You only live twice: Once when you are born And once when you look death in the face —Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice, Chapter 11 Kids got it wrong anyway. Actually I hate YOLO. It would be the marching song for one of the phrases learned in airplane school: There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots.
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Bikinis My mother worked for the USO in the late '40's, early 50's in France. She brought bikinis home for her nieces who were about 4 then. She thought they looked very cute. My aunt, there mother did too. The life guards on the beach on Lake Erie, thought they should go home.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2013 on French Lesson: Fingertip Research at My Weblog
It is getting the details right that makes your books so much fun to read. One well known author popped the bad guys into the back seat of a BMW M1 for a car chase. Do you see a back seat?
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2013 on French Lesson: Fingertip Research at My Weblog
Now I know why I don't get more done. Not enough Taylor Swift boobs. Nice look at your day.
My daily commute takes me through Forest Park and past the Jewel Box. In the summer you can see two or three weddings posing out side. Thursday afternoon and Saturdays are wedding picture central at the base of Art Hill. Will be picking up a copy next week!
I always wondered if mysteries started from some form of 'Miss Scarlet, in the library, with the knife.' Now I know. No, the killer cannot be introduced on page 234, it ain't fair to us readers. Nice cover!
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on A Novel Diary Chapter 4: It's Too Easy at My Weblog
Companies also get to round down it ways that would leave you forever in 3rd grade math. 5.8 calories per serving can be labeled as 5. Alton Brown says to spray lightly and live with the calories. You are still around 15 to cook a single egg in a small pan. I switched from egg eggs to egg beaters. 1/2 the calories.
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The most important thing to to let your feelings known while you can. I have had a durably power of attorney written out for years. Here is the link for Missouri. Google advanced medical directives or durable power of attorney and your state, just like Kathy said. You should be able to find a FREE form similar to the Missouri form. My form lists my brother, not my wife as my designatee. She was hurt, but I told her if the right choice was pull the plug, he would. She agreed. Many people refer to these choices as 'right to die'. Nothing could be further than the truth. If you want every techno tool available, make your choice known as well. Make your choice with your family, with people you trust, with your faith. Don't leave it up to the hospital closest to your car wreck or your insurance bean counter. Your dad would be proud.
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