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First of all there is no such thing as an assault weapon; a scary leftist political name. The limitations in state law that I know of are cosmetic, period. No pistol grip, no folding stock, no flash suppressor and no bayonet lug in most states having sales prohibitions. A stock that moves in and out to accommodate smaller statured people is not illegal, but the folding stock, making for more easily stored firearms, is. A large diameter heavy barrel AR-15 style, evil looking so called assault weapon, is legal in MD, but not the same firearm with a standard barrel. Also they have magazines not clips as with the M-1 or SKS; a common error in the media. A Ruger Mini 14 Ranch fires the same round as the AR-15, takes the same magazines and looks like a Ruger 10-22 (a .22 cal rifle). But if the Ruger Mini 14 has a folding stock, it can't be purchased in MD. According to an international investigator who testified at the MD legislature when I was there, Puerto Rico has more stringent gun laws since the 1950s than MD was proposing and actual automatic weapons abound. He said too many beaches available to land guns. I have said that if we just make firearms illegal they can be disguised as cocaine/heroin and brought into the US so the bad guys remain armed and dangerous.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2017 on Those Darn Gun Control Laws at JustOneMinute
It appears from reports that most, if not all, of the violence is in Democratically controlled cities. Normal right of center or moderate Americans are slow to anger. But if the past is a reference, there is a point where even they will stop being passive. The SCOTUS has ruled that the police have NO constitutional requirement to protect. When the good people see that they are constantly victims of Leftist violence and the police will not protect them, possibly under stand down orders from Democratic operatives, they will start defending themselves and will NOT bring a knife to a gun fight as Obama talked about; they will punch back twice as hard , as Obama also said and apparently condones. And I and others will blame the Democratic operatives and Soros' mob. The Left does NOT want to awaken the beast.
'There is no prize for second place in a gunfight,’ needs to be said nowadays since everyone seemingly gets a prize for merely participating.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2016 on SEAL Math at JustOneMinute
Let's see, when a million or so citizens peacefully, with respect for property and litter laws, take to the streets of the capital and the Capitol grounds, the media basically ignores us. So will the media report if we peacefully take over the Capitol building with the result being the stopping of health care and all other legislation along the lines as was done in Tennessee when the legislature tried to pass a state income tax bill in 1999 (see Note that TN still does not yet have a income tax. If the government responds as the Iranian regime did, we will know where this government stands. A million or so people occupying the Capitol building and grounds demanding that congress reaffirm their oath to defend the constitution and remove their corrupt leadership might just prick the bubble of this cloistered congress.