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I've had the privilege of attending some of David's landscape photography workshops, and discussing with him at length his philosophy and approach to photography. As a photographer, he's totally unpretentious and has shied away from commercial success for much of his career, preferring to concentrate on photography while not worrying too much about making any money from it. What distinguishes David's photography from that of others in the British 'school' is his creation of abstracts and miniature landscapes. Unfortunately, his book covers are chosen by the publishers, not David, from a commercial (selling) POV, so you wouldn't realise this without exploring his photography further. If you explore the galleries on David's web site, you'll see more of his subtle compositions, many of which, for me at least, have a Zen-like quality to them. Some of his photos remind me of Michael Kenna's (except for being in colour); conversely, some of Michael Kenna's photos now remind me of David's (except for being in B&W). I would strongly recommend David's second book, Landscape Beyond, because you don't often find such an eloquent collection of essays about the art of photography within one set of covers. Photography blog enthusiasts should also visit David's blog. KR Alan
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