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Alan Wahl
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I never did mind 3-D, but this conversion idea was thrown out at the beginning of production for the movie. Now they practically tore the movie out of the summer movie line to spend more money on a lame gimmick. Not only that, but angered many of their audience in the process. As it is I will not support the decision for the 3-D move. I will buy a 2-D ticket because of this. I was given steak. I am just about to savor every last morsel of the juicy tender meat with the smoked hickory flavor, out of nowhere it was taken from me. I am then told that I have to wait for the extra unnecessary garish that they concocted in the back. This is also the best time for me because I am absolutely starving. I have been waiting all day for this meal. Now it has been taken from me with a time of an hour before it is ready. They won't listen to my pleas that I do not care about the extra stuff. I want my meal now. There will be no tip for this and it will be questionable as to my return to this restaurant. I will tell others not to come here.
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May 25, 2012