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I am an innovator and instigator of E-HR and E-Recruitment strategies across Europe.
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Hi Andy Great reminder: It is about the Candidate Experience, not the process. Social tools are just another form of communication channel (as are the telephone, fax, letterP that should be used as you suggest, to communicate. Cheers Al
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Hi Peter Great Post, good analysis of the challenges and opportunities awaiting those in-house teams. We know that the long term added value of having the in-house team extends beyond financial to such areas as brand extension. But even then, if the company does not have a clear strategy in place, measure and monitor its channels and then adapt, the in-house team will fail. Enjoy the weekend. Alan
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Hi Louise As always, a very measured job of reporting on the issue of the day. Good analysis of the brouhaha, the potential implications for our industry and how to open the channels of communication. Al
Rob The Grapevine link returns 404 error, content not found. Nor is there any reference to the press release.
Katie makes a very good point. It seems that much of the debate engendered by Louise's original post has not included the founders or employees of IOR. (again, this was a reported interview, not a 'puff' piece or a comment piece by Louise) It would be highly helpful to the debate if the individuals shared their own views. I have had a phone conversation with one of the two founders, and am expecting further conversations - this will enable me to make an informed decision about the aims/goals and impact of the organisation. I am happy to share those thoughts, either here or in a direct conversation with anyone who cares to reach out.
Hi Louise Thank you for reporting on the IOR. For those readers/commentators who do not undersand that sentence, please read it again. Louise Reported on an interview and discussion with the founders of IOR, which she stated clearly at the beginning of her blog post. Perhaps many of the comments are from those who do not understand the responsibility of a news information portal - we have to draw a fine line between reporting what we are told/given -and expressing our own personal opinion. In this case, Louise made it abundantly clear that this was a report, and that her analsis/opinions would come later. At such time as the IOR really shares its goals, aspiration, financial model(s) and true benefits for membership, we can then make informed and measured comment/criticism/praise. Cheers to all Alan
Great job Alex. Dovetails with your tweets on the day. Thanks for the link to the blogs on RCEURO (this opens the complete blog list, so please scroll down to read the event blogs). Alan
Hi Andy Interesting post - but to me it really begs the question: What is influence? Why is this such a 'Holy Grail' measurement of social media? Aren't these tools just measuring reach? If so, just label it as such and the reader can make his/her own judgement on the relevance of that reach. For example, #SRCONF ran live Twitter streams all day. Then we used Tweetreach to measure our event reach. The numbers seem amazing: We 'reached' 203,666 people with over 1,500 tweets, and an 'impressions' figure over 1.75 million. The full blog post is here Now, surely this must mean Social Recruiting Conference, and the 245 twitterers who contributed on the day must have some real influence, right? Well, to be honest, I have no idea about the 'influence' All I really know is that on the day we reached out to, and were reached by, a lot of people who engaged with us - and many who continue to engage not only with us but with the all of the folks who are using the hashtag. And that is all Vic and I can really ask. So, I ask again: What is Influence? Best regards Alan
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What are the questions most often asked of any recruiter (or recruitment guru) who espouses the benefits of using social media in recruitment: Does it actually work? Can I actually hire somebody by using Social Media? Where does direct sourcing... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2010 at e-recruitment strategy
Wow Louise, you are one tough cookie :-) So, no Guru blogs this year - what a cool idea. I will extend an open invitation to any of the recruiter bloggers to extend their reach by re-posting their blogs on - perhaps they can influence some new audiences. Best regard Alan
Congratulations on your new website and your really cool photography. Great to see your passion coming through. Best regards Alan
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on TruNora at Sara Headworth
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I want to thank HR Bartender for posting about the Blog Action Day 2010 Water project. Every year on 15 October, bloggers from around the world write about a single topic - in this intance Water. I have not seen... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2010 at e-recruitment strategy
Hi Louise Thanks for the great write up. If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact Vic or me directly. By the way, Louise will be there wearing her many hats. Cheers Al
If you haven't logged into a BlogTalkRadio show yet, you missed a real corker yesterday. @Steve Boese put out his 69th HR Happy Hour show live from the HR Southwest conference, with a room full of outstanding HR practitioners and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2010 at e-recruitment strategy
Nice Thinking Andy Al
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Let me start by saying that this post is not about recruitment or technology, so feel free to move on now. I would also like to add that I an in no way as brave as our friend and colleague... Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2010 at e-recruitment strategy
Congratulations to you both. Really glad that the fund raising is over target. cheers alan
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Mar 15, 2010
According to Gary Hayes on his site Personalize Media, followers of social media are interested in the exponential growth of in the use of various SM sites. He has built a 'calculator' to show live statistics for a variety of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2009 at e-recruitment strategy
Thanks Louise, It was a blast. Ready for the 6pm version as well, which may work for more 'at the desk' recruiters here. Good tip on ID of speakers, we should all, always, say who we are each time we speak. A bit cumbersome/tiresome for those taht know us, but will help the listener who dips in/out as well. "lovely" Al (I am blushing)
I posted on this last week on the Recruitment Community Europe site - - and glad to see that Andy has generated further debate. Let's all get real about this. I agree with Andy that it could be the start of a 'slippery slope' When do you decide to stop 'anonymising' a CV. Name, location, school, employer all could be used in a discriminatory manner. The reality is, as we discussed last week in the posts about Video CVs, discrimination, if it happens, will happen at the interview, no matter how identifying characteristics might be hidden beforehand. At the same time, Alex is right about what technology could do. 12 years ago at Resumix we had the ability to create a complete skill profile, match it against the job requirement and hey, presto! Matched candidate and job - without name, identity, etc etc. All could have been anonymous. But guess what? Hiring companies actually want to know the name of the person they will be interviewing. They want to know where the candidate lives (how long will it take the candidate to get to work everyday?) They want to know what kind of education the candidate has. So, with due respect to Lynne and Mark, this is an act of folly, a solution looking for a problem that it will not solve.
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Please give generously to Peter's cause. Anyone who has watched a relative fight through Chemo of any type can only wish David and his family the best of luck. Peter will complete the jungle run - a piece of cake compared to some of his other exploits. Alan Whitford
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Hi Peter, OK, you are preaching to the converted here :-) Takes me back to my presentations on preparing to buy an ATS, which I first gave at a seminar hosted by one of the major HRIS vendors. Gave quite a shock to their sales people - but to me it is a no brainer to educate the HR/Resourcing/IT purchaser as much as possible - before even going to market. If they do the pre-work (with the help of experienced outside help), then the implementation becomes relevant and efficient. Of course, as you and I both know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find companies willing to pay for that expertise up front - even though the savings in time and money down the road would be significant. Best regards Alan
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Hi Peter Happy New Year! Great idea - we only need our clients to co-operate. Best regards Alan
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