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Does anyone else feel like the democrats are acting like the Romanovs in 1916? Their draconian measures seem assured to fuel a real insurrection. Its scary. I feel it is the obligation of real conservatives, progressives, and libertarians to join forces and stop the Dems from destroying the republic.
Trump didn't tell anyone to break into the capital. I don't see anything wrong with telling people to protest provided its peaceful (he should have specified). Intent is not the issue here, rather it is carelessness. He is incapable of understanding that he is President and his words have influence. As a New Yorker, I just ignore most of what he says as bombastic nonsense. Other will not. Regardless, this issue is more complex than Trump's vocal slips. 8 months of lockdowns and fear mongering from the media. 4 years of nonstop trump derangement syndrome and frankly hate by the press and what 4-6 months of violent protests that were condoned and encouraged by the ruling class ("the left") have created a politically charged environment. There were some very real issues with this election too which should have been addressed to help the country move past it and to restore faith in the election process. THEY let the monster of violence, disorder, and destruction out of its cage because anything was OK as long as they got Trump. It was only a matter of time before fringe elements on the other side of the aisle responded in kind. Trump should stay and use the opportunity to heal and reduce some of these tensions.
Bottom line: Covid has given to the power elite (the davos crowd, DNC, whatever) much of what they wanted. It is used to attack Trump. It slows down carbon production. It is reducing births and maybe population (from hunger). It promotes vaccines and other big pharma (a major DNC contributor) products. It is changing people's lives in the way they want. Most (though not all) scientific research concludes masks offer no benefit in reducing spread of respiratory virus and the research that claims a benefit has serious issues which are addressed in meta analysis studies. Masks are a, maybe the, critical psychological barrier to returning to normalcy. They facilitate extension of the dystopic, freak show that the Davos crowd are forcing on us. It is wise to fight against them and to force a real discussion about their merit.
The changing narrative, false assertions, constant fear mongering using anecdotal cases, attacks on anyone with a different view, and promotion of an intellectually defunct binary mindset (lockdown/no lockdown) are evidence of intent. If they really wanted to help they'd also talk more about the side effects of their lockdowns and they'd push to protect the vulnerable and nursing home residents in particular. Focusing on the nursing homes though, would undermine the scary narrative that "young healthy" people can end up in the hospital and die. Looking at deaths now that the number per day has fallen would also undermine said narrative so they push cases, cases. Never mind that PCR positives are not technically cases or that the percent positive is rising, at least in part, because of contact tracing. The borg/Atlanticist media want a shutdown. Its what they always wanted and they're not going to let the truth get in the way. Why? Attacking trump and taking the spotlight off of Biden, who is clearly not aging well, are key goals, maybe "the goal" but I personally suspect there is more too it. Is this their "drastic measure" to counter global warming? They are resetting the inflated, bubble economy and stock market as well so they can reinflate and receive bailouts them without scrutiny. Covid has been quite a gift to a number of opportunists including pharma and big tech as well. Pharma is one of the biggest advertisers on cable TV news so they're a powerful factor. Big tech controls the narrative and they've probably profited off of this as it makes people use their products and services. IMHO the two main factors here are elect Joe and global warming.
Voislav, My understanding is that S Korea never closed more than parts of a city for small periods of time. They also did not initiate a travel ban last I looked. Many scientists (whose credentials are more impressive than those of Birx or Fauci) are rejecting this lockdown. I’m very uncomfortable with Bill Gate’s role in this. He appears to be shopping for a new monopoly.
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Apr 6, 2020