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Alayna Staggers
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The abuse of the cows at Conklin Dairy Farm by Billy Joe Gregg is heartbreaking. When I watch it, I want to jump right in there and show this insane individual what it feels like to really be mistreated. As most of us say, we rarely hate anyone, but watching these calves/cows suffer at the hands of this barbarian makes me hope he has trouble sleeping at night and even walking down the street without being ostracized as the mentally deranged psycho who takes his anger out on innocent animals who can't protect themselves. May God show no mercy on him Alayna Staggers, Nurse, mom and grandmom. (I gave my dogs extra love through my tears after viewing this extreme cruelty) So Sad....alayna
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on Time to Dig Deep for the Animals at Making Hay
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May 28, 2010