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I recently got into Pawn Stars. If it werent for netflix streaming i wouldnt have watched a lot of tv shows like Lost, Pawn Stars or Arrested Development. As far as movies I watch a few but its mostly tv shows. Ive been watching futurama reruns every night before I go to sleep since the show started. Even through the time it was off the air. When Netflix streaming came along I was finally able to erase them off my dvr. I believe I get more than my moneys worth because of the tv shows.
Still not "Officially" available on the Asus transformer but if you sideload the apk file it works.
eh ill probably just drop the dvds and torrent the newer movies. I use instant streaming daily. dvd movies arent that big a deal. I can get them other ways.
I have about 175 movies in my que and since they put out all those marvel cartoons I haven't been watching movies so I dont notice what goes missing but i do have a large amount in the saved movies. The problem of the list reorganizing is known at netflix. just spoke to a guy there and he said it was happening to him as well. So I guess they are working on it.
The website was down for me. I tired to get on with my app, then PS3 but none of them worked. Weird thing was tivo worked fine.
Id love to drop cable but im too attached to Cartoon network and comedy central. I think Hulu can do CC but dont know about CN. Also I love my tivo and just having that record shows when I want them but id save money getting rid of those as well. Id have to get at least basic as the OTA signal is horrible and I barely get any channels.
Just a side note. My instant queue has been fine for a few days. As soon as I added a Blu Ray movie off of this list from the hacking netflix site my instant queue reorganized. Not saying its hacking netflix, but it is a problem with how netflix handles third party sites and apps.
When I last posted I deactivated all apps from the netflix site. So far my queue hasn't changed. I haven't gone this long without a queue reorder since it started happening. The 3rd party apps have to be the cause.
All i know is that I just re moved Futurama to the top of the que and refreshed a couple time with no movement. Then I went to Instant Watcher and added a movie and all of a sudden Futurama moved to 154.
Tivo also allows you to subscribe to channels. I get cnet and Revision 3 content automatically downloaded to it all the time. There is a ton more to choose from as well. Although I despise the UI tivo has for netflix. Very limited. Dont know how it is for the premier but on the HD and S3 its crap. It just looks like the now playing list but with tivo movies.
Comcast On Demand. LOL! Ive been a comcast customer for a long time and NEVER used that old outdated UI junk. Actually my one crappy comcast cable box is sitting in a closet. The only reason I keep it is i need it to get the deal i have. My two tivos are the one with the service.
Netflix doesnt have a monopoly. They just offer a great service for a reasonable price. Something Dish will never have.
Futurama just loves sitting at the bottom of my que. Viewing on tivo makes it a pain to get to.
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May 16, 2011