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wri, If the new law being offered was in place, it would not necessarily have resulted in a different decision. The new proposed law prevents use of sharia law when using it violates a constitutional right or violates some stated public policy. What specific right or what specific public policy is violated by this decision? So far, based on the reported facts, this case is not a good example of why sharia law should be kept out of the court system. BTT
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2011 on Sharia Becomes Law in Florida at Atlas Shrugs
If Spencer and Emerson are considered too incendiary then Andrew McCarthy would make an excellent witness in their place. Someone in King's district ought to make a call with that suggestion.
Egghead You help make my point by making the silly suggestion that BO is somehow a secret Muslim This is the kind of claim that the leftist tools criticizing Pamelas work latch on to when peddling their smears.
Pam, Using headlines proclaimimg Obama is "partnering" with the Taliban hurts your cause and the image of SIOA and FDI. Obama is certainly an ignorant fool when it comes to the Islamic basis of the Taliban's conduct. To me, labelling BO as partner implies he has given explicit co-operation with the Taliban and their goals. His ignorance certainly makes matters worse but he is not an explicit partner in jihad. You Robert and the SIOA and FDI campaigns are bearing fruit. Newt Gingrich and democratic talking heads (Pat Caddell)on TV are starting to use terms such as "Sharia Law" and "Islamic Supremicism". These more widespread discussions are driving many who want to know more about the issues to JW and AS. You loose readers and credibility by using sensational headlines claiming BO "partners" with the Taliban. What is good to sell copy of National Enquierer is not necessarily good this web site/blog. Please stay on message and don't distract for a nifty sounding headline.
Oh I would love to see a lawyer in the U.S. try this in a state or federal courtroom. I know there are liberal judges out there but I don't think any one of them that I have ever seen would tolerate this for a minute. Standing when a judge enters a courtroom is intended for everyone in it to acknowledge the authority of the man/woman in the robe and to show the respect due the POSITION of the judge, NOT the person wearing the robe. A U.S. lawyer could even face disbarment if he tried such nonsense.
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