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Hi Lindsey, Great Blog ! I wanted to add my vote and frustration at not being able to buy clogs that are more attractive and assorted only because I don't wear a size 41 or lower. I have many many many pairs of clogs in all colors and most I have special ordered. Kiltie clogs, the Eskil's clogs that lace up like the ones on this page, all assorted versions of pink, purple, green, red, blue, etc. None of the makers will make a higher heeled clog in anything larger than a 41. Now they are saying maybe a 42. Good grief I would buy like 10 pairs in a higher heel at the least if I could get them and in different colors. These manufacturers are stubborn and there is no economic reason why not expand the soles to the larger sizes. Also manufacturers like Sanita refuse to offer the different colors in the larger sizes too as you know. It is very frustrating not to be able to buy some of the coolest colors and patterns in my size. Some like Sanita think that brown and black are the only colors that men are allowed. I love wearing clogs and love showing off a pair that pops ! I really don't care if anyone thinks they are feminine or whatever. If I like it then that's all that matter. I hope we can move one manufacturer to offer higher heels and bases that are higher and sculpted ... a more interesting base is needed; more than one in fact; many different ones would be well received.
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Mar 9, 2011
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Mar 9, 2011