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I agree that roofing is dangerous. I don't know how they are able to keep their balance while working on those sloped roofs. A lot of homes are quite high too, if they were to fall it would most likely result in serious injuries. Alena |
A big storm hit my town a week ago and it tore off a lot of shingles from a few homes. Instead of having them repaired I think I will get a metal roof instead. My roof would have needed to replaced in a year or two anyway. Even though metal roofing is more expensive, in the long run it pays for itself because it has a lifetime guarantee. Alena |
I always have problems with ants, even when I get my home sprayed. I will not see any for a few weeks after my home is sprayed, but then I start to notice them slowly coming back. Are there any tips on how to stop them naturally? I don't like having all those chemicals around my home too often. Alena |
This is definitely an interesting read. I don't think that you should overdo it on vitamins, but I don't think you should not take them all together. I think it is good to have a balance. Alena |
My daughter plays as goalie for her soccer team. During on of her games last year she ended up getting kicked in the mouth. Her mouth was a bloody mess, I assumed the worse. We got her to the dentist fast. Luckily, the worst of the damage was a chipped front tooth. Alena |
As in many homes, I have a plain big mirror in my master suite. I am wondering if you were able to add a custom frame to it for me? I want a big chunky frame with detail, if at possible. I think it adds a lot of character to the bathroom. Alena |
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Feb 5, 2014