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Alexa Matheson
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"my previous statements are all based on realilty". Any one with half a brain knows what a real idiot your are. You quote Henry Ford inccorectly. Anyone who knows how to use a computor can get an actual quote in a matter of minutes using a little thing called a computor. Weather or not I choose to spell any word corectly is irrevalant. It doesn't negate the fact that you are full of sh*t. You state DVD+streaming are the minority. Netflix's website says differently. You streamers are in the minority. There are about 25 million subcribers to Netflix as of July. 12 millon are dvd+steaming. 3.2 million are dvd only and about 8 million are streaming only, Source: NETFLIX. So the majority of Netflix get those old school disc. You probagandist always say things like "why don't you complain about gas prices". When I hear this it reminds me of that Gecko commercial where they show that guy living under a rock. You John L. Dough live under a rock and just don't get it. Yes I spelled Pro agandist that way to prove what a dolt you are.
Ford said "If I'd ask my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse". Meaning: they wanted faster personal transportation, not a faster horse. @ John Dough, most of what you said is not fact, but probaganda.
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Sep 23, 2011