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Alexander Weisberg
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Eric Zorn pretensions that Newt contradicts himself are laughable. Erratic? Gingrich just pointed out that any legitimate discussion on capitalism became difficult due to Obama class warfare, but it does not mean that Newt changed his compassionate approach, and he correctly said that presidency has a moral component. American people will not vote for an investment banker, even though Romney did not do anything illegal. Democrats slyly support Romney because they know he is a weaker candidate and will be defeated by Obama. As for Krauthammer's 'scorched earth,' argument, he doesn't understand that only Teddy Roosevelt style populist Gingrich's approach as a unifier, able to work across the isles (as he worked with Clinton and brought prosperity to America) can win in these times of crisis. Eric Zorn just repeats Krauthammer. Newt is emerging as a nominee, and Romney looks unelectable. And, by the way, who started conversation about 'the heat of the kitchen?'. What goes around comes around. Romney is done. They already in statistical tie in SC.
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Jan 12, 2012