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Alexandra Jones
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I call myself a writer. And yet I do not call upon myself to write. Unless I feel like it. And then I do it for enjoyment. I have never wanted to write for money, have turned down opportunities to write for money, and have even divorced myself from the idea of making a living doing it so I don't have to compromise myself or my writing in any way. I too enjoy creating, and I make a living as a seamstress. As long as I can make money doing something I enjoy, the pressure's off. I don't have to prove anything to myself or anyone and self-publishing is A-OK with me because when it comes to my words, I'm a control freak. But writing is just one thing I'm good at. I don't give a damn if I don't write a page a day. Not going to beat myself up for my lack of discipline, because it doesn't matter that much to me whether I produce. There's no magic quota I demand of myself because there is no mandate. I've written plenty. Writing as suffering does not compute. Every bit as valuable a use of time as writing, is spending an hour cuddling with my cats. Guilt-free. And my writing reads like the person who wrote it had a damn good time doing so. That's my story. And I enjoyed writing it.
Lead me not into Penn Station.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2012 on All the Way Correct at Sparkwood & 21
WOW! So you're through with New York! That was a brief affair. I hope it didn't leave a bitter taste in your soul...
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2011 on I Have a YAAAAARD! at Sparkwood & 21
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Dec 2, 2011