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Alexandra Katharina
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I am a big fan of your work and especially enjoy how you like to push the envelope. As a German citizen who currently lives and works in the US, there are certain aspects of American culture that are rather peculiar to me .. one of them is the issue of alcohol. My personal belief is that there is nothing wrong about a drink at lunch or after work when you are out with colleagues or with business partners, as long as it's in moderation and a simple drink, such as a glass of wine or one beer. Europe in general has a very different mindset about this topic, yet I do understand why it is an issue here in the U.S. From a cultural standpoint, there is a negative perception about the word/idea of “alcohol” in the U.S.. Additionally, there also might be some potential legal ramifications. Nevertheless, a lot of corporate retreats or tradeshows/conferences are held in locations such as Vegas, where social corporate group outings will most certainly include some form of alcohol. So all I can say is that here in the US it all depends on where you live and the corporate culture of the company you work for that would determine whether or not this is acceptable.
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Apr 13, 2011