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I agree with you and what you argue. Co-ed interaction is very necessary for social interaction. This goes with what I was arguing in my post too. In the work force, boys and girls are going to have to interact and HAVE to think together too. They need to be used to working together on things that will require thinking. I also agree that for certain classes, such as math and science, a single-sex environment would benefit some for focusing on the way certain girls and boys think (because after all, there is a difference in the way girls think from the way boys think). Those are difficult subjects and sometimes it could be easier and more beneficial to have someone (a teacher) focus in on the way you specifically think. However I still believe that there should be some interactions there too. Maybe a solution would be to have a week out of a month to do single-sex learning. Or to dedicate a certain amount of time and resources to single-sex education, while at the same time (or the rest of the time) devoting to co-ed education. Perhaps tutoring could be single-sex, therefore you can not only focus on the way your gender thinks, but the way YOU think. By making single-sex schools, what’s next? Single-sex jobs? Didn’t woman fight for their rights to be equal to men? Now there are people who think otherwise. Parents would not want their children to be discriminated from jobs, so why should they teach their children that any place should discriminate? I like your statement, “The classes should be co-ed because that's the way the world is.” It’s true, the world won’t change, and it shouldn’t. Men and women are equal and that is the way they should be taught (at least a majority of the time).
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After reading the article I can say that I somewhat agree with what it was saying. It is proven that boys and girls learn at a different rate and through different measures. Therefore, having some single-sexed classes might be beneficial so that the teachers can focus on one certain type... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
I agree, the commercials were very disappointing. There was not much in the variety quality in them. Most were boring and left me wondering – okay what was the point of that? IT would benefit more people if the commercials featured something the people could relate too. Like, how you said that you enjoyed the Glee commercial because you like the show. The American Families commercial was very well done and could connect a lot of people because it would ignite conversation about past shows. The idea of the Carma Bridgestone commercial (although I have not seen that one, I might have to look it up now) is awesome. It is a tire commercial? Yet they somehow found a way to make it highly entertaining. It is that creativity and those ideas that make watching the Superbowl Commercials a fun thing to do when usually everyone hates commercials. Doritos commercials are always funny to me. I agree with Rachel in saying that the Go Daddy commercials are very annoying. That was something I meant to add to my post. IT is great advertising and marketing that makes you remember certain commercials over others. Next time you are thinking, you might happen to remember the Coke commercial you saw during the Superbowl, and all of a sudden, you wouldn’t mind having a package of Doritos. These commercials have an interesting psychological affect.
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Every year my family and I always gather together at my uncle’s house for the super bowl. It is always a lot of fun with tons of food. My cousin Breeana and I always find alternative things to do besides watching the game, such as karaoke or Just Dance. However,... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Natasha, I agree that the issue is that it is harder for kids to want to excel. Like the article said, kids are taking less challenging courses because they want the ‘easy A’. Money is also a huge factor in making the right decision. However, first before even thinking about factors such as cost, you’re right first comes the overwhelming question of ‘will I get in?’ The choice you made to apply to schools early was a great one, and I made the same one. Not only did it get everything out of the way early on (although it was incredibly stressful the first two and a half months of school), but I knew the school’s decision way sooner. This put less stress on me later too. It allowed me to make my decision sooner than most people had heard from all their schools. Congratulations on your scholarships and packages by the way! I’m sorry about the SATs and I agree with you. The article brings up a great point that would relieve so much stress from seniors, even high school-ers. It would allow for seniors to enjoy their year a little more with a lot less stress. We not only have to worry about school-work, but we need to worry about colleges, which choice to make, and so on. It is one of the most important decisions of your life because it would form your opinion on education. If someone were to pick a school they hated, then they might not have the same motivation if they switch schools. It is like a first impression. Lastly, I agree with the end point. If something is done, then it needs to be done fairly. I would hate to see people getting the short end of the stick in a solution that will not relieve stress for all people.
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I agree with the essay in that it is such a stress in worrying about schools and admissions. I also agree that it is getting ridiculous how the costs are so much. Now, they have summer camps, as the essay mentioned, that could cost $3,000 for two weeks. Plus some... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Katie, (I always seem to comment on yours) but again I liked who you picked for this week’s blog. After serving our country, it is hard for most veterans to come back and hold jobs, or continue life as it once was. Many suffer problems as this guy did with drugs and drinking. It is admirable that Foster was able to realize what needed to be done after he had hit rock bottom. Not only did he create a nonprofit organization, but it was able to start another organization. The organization is great in providing food and shelter, however it also provides hope and support, two things that are very important in recovering from any problem. After serving our country it is sad that veterans go through this because they have given up so much for their country and us. It is sad that out of all they have been through they also need to suffer coming home too. I think it is remarkable how people who go through such battles within their own lives are able to recover and help others. It must be so hard not to become bitter and hateful. Instead, these remarkable people decide to turn it around and make sure others do not follow down the same path. I think that is what a hero should be, someone who saves other people. I also think that it is better for it to be someone who knows what it is like. I imagine it would be hard to take advice and listen to someone who does not truly understand and have lived through what you are living through. It is amazing that there are people like that in the world today. They offer up true inspiration and are truly the people to look up to as heroes.
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For this week’s blog, I picked Eddie Canales as one of my favorite heroes of the year. His story proved to inspire so many others, as well as myself. His son Chris was a senior and the star football player. He had three offers to play college football and on... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Aubrey I agree with you. We did grow up so fast and soon enough we will need to know these things. If we are not ready for these grown up things we will one day soon have to face, then we could get in serious trouble. We could lose our homes, jobs, even family. There will be so much at stake and we will not be able to survive if we are not smart in finance. The finance course would not only be super helpful, it would encourage a sense of independence. You are right by saying that today’s kids are much more dependent on their parents. Opening a financing course also opens an opportunity to mature and grow. It will be a shock to many students when they finally have to grow up and do things on their own. This class could at least help prepare them for that day. It is also an issue for the future of the country. Our generation will one day be the ones leading the country. If we do not even know how to finance ourselves, how could our future office holders know what they are doing. If someone in office makes mistakes, the whole country could end up paying for them. Leading a financially smart life would not only improve them, but future generations and the future of the world. It could lead this country out of debt and one-day people could live in a debt free nation. Also, this class has never been more needed than it is now. At a time of recession, it has become vital to know how to be financially stable. We need to know how to get ourselves out of debt so that today’s conditions do not affect the future generations.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Finance. at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I think that a personal finance course in high school is a fantastic idea. Before I had a job I never knew the value of a dollar. Now that I work and pay for everything I have, I find that I never go shopping anymore, and never buy more then... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Katie, I agree with what you are saying. It is not in America’s best interest to help out long term with Haiti. However, it is good to help out now because of the conditions. I agree when you say that helping long term can make Americans suffer. It is true that if we help with Haiti, we will need to help with everyone, and it is not in America’s best interest to do that now. I agree that none of the other nations feel the need to rebuild Haiti or anything, but America does. Other nations understand that it could jeopardize themselves. You bring a good point about Iraq and Iran and how now we are in a tremendous amount of debt. Especially with the war going on, we cannot afford to be a long-term help to Haiti. Also, it is good to point out the fact that we are currently in a huge recession. With so many out of jobs it has been such a generous offer that so many Americans have donated out of their pockets. So many more donate their time to stay on the help hotlines, etc. It is good that the nation is coming together and helping with what they can. However, the government might be doing the wrong thing. If every nation helped short term to get Haiti back on its feet, then the problem will get better. However, we cannot be the only ones helping forever. We need to help with what we can afford and no more, and other nations should feel the need to help. We should not be the only ones struggling trying to help. It is sad that so many people will turn their backs on a nation in need.
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The disaster in Haiti killed hundreds. With the disaster so tragic, millions began to help out by sending money through organizations such as the Red Cross. Seeing the face of the disaster, America jumped to help. In my opinion, this was a good move. That is because if anything such... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Katie I agree with you too. You list the same things that I worry about such as going to work, cooking dinner, taking care of the house and the kids, it all seems tiring already. Thinking about it now makes me appreciate my mom so much more because that is what she deals with everyday. However, I am not sure I agree with the fact that getting more homework gives kids mental disorders. I think kids now a days have more to stress about sure, but I also believe kids exaggerate a whole lot. Now I feel as though kids are lazier than kids of the past. My parents, grandparents, etc. always say how lucky kids now a days are because we never ‘do anything’, which I don’t agree with. I guess I am on the fence about this issue. I do see both sides of the problem and I agree and disagree with both. Back then I feel as though kids had more responsibilities helping their families. Now, with technology and such kids are distracted. Perhaps they are up late stressing about homework because they don’t do it during the day, not because they work, but because they were on facebook. On the same token, I do see many teens that ARE under REAL stressors in their lives. It is hard to juggle school, a job, family, friends, homework, extra curricular activities, etc. . Sometimes school can be too stressful and too much to handle. Not to mention rising costs of an education. Doyle’s ideas of free education are great, but let’s face it, it is probably not going to happen with today’s economy I think kids now are growing up too fast, and that is the real problem. With growing up, come new responsibilities and new worries, which lead to more stress. If kids and teens learn to relax and enjoy being a kid again without sweating the small stuff, then perhaps that would be a simpiler and more realistic solution.
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When I was reading this article, I completely agreed. “The problem is that adolescents imagine adulthood as an extension of their own experience, and most see themselves as overworked, overregulated, and overstressed.”(Doyle) This is so true because whenever I imagine my future I immediately stress out. I imagine myself working... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Katie, I love how you picked something that will be useful in a powerful way. Solar powered inventions are always a good idea, especially because they reduce the pollution. In today’s world, everyone is looking for ways to ‘go green’. I love to see the new inventions of ways and things to actually do this. I like how you point out the fact that they do not have to be used solely on houses or cars. You pointed out the fact that they can help people medically after disasters. I think that is extremely good and useful and I like how you put it in because it goes along with what you want to do for a living. If at least half the population goes solar, it was reduce so much pollution. However, I am sure there are some problems and things that are preventing everyone from doing this. I am sure cost is one of thing, among others. But, in the future, once they better this technology, I can see a world that’s gone solar. It is a great idea and very efficient. This invention helps the environment and in the future, there will be many more inventions like this one. Going green really is becoming a huge part of our system and will continue to grow due to the fear of our natural resources running out. Now, even in college you can major in things that will help the environment, or dorm in houses that care about ‘going green’. The whole world is slowly becoming more aware at the importance of going green. It was a great idea to pick this!
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Although there have been many interesting and useful inventions in the past years, I chose to pick one based on personal experience. I think one of my favorite inventions is the controller-free video games/systems. Sure, it is not an invention to cure cancer, or make society better, but it does... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
When I was a kid I LOVED dolls. I vaguely remember something like this but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. IF I had when I was a kid, I probably would have wanted it bad. Another love of mine is simulation type games (i.e. The Sims). The Sims was another obsession of mine that I can’t believe I didn’t write about. That was when I was a little older though, middle school. Even now, from time to time if it were a night where I have nothing else to do I’d still play it. I remember last Christmas I think my parents bought me the latest one (lol). It might be dork-ish, but it made me smile. This doll sounds pretty amazing. I remember being a kid and carrying dolls everywhere thinking they were your child (I still see that now). I guess girls for some reason have a lot of joy that comes from dolls, maybe because we want to be like our mothers. I feel like now with the better technology they could make a very realistic doll. However, they seem to be using the newer technology to create video games and such that will encourage kids to just sit around all day and watch tv. I think it’s a sad reality. Growing up I NEVER watched TV because I had my toys to play with. Now though, you never see advertisements for those types of toys that used to be around. I remember even the commercials were about dolls, Barbies, Polly Pockets, etc. Now they are about the Harry Potter games or Mario. I think that there should be more toys like there were back then. Great post, it made me want to be a kid again!
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When I was a kid, I did not have an outrageous amount of toys that most kids have now, and even if I did I probably would not have played with them. I used to pick a few favorites, and use the same ones over and over again. Growing up,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
Erin I completely agree with you. When I answered the question I took it more as should athletes be paid? I was on the fence about this whole issue because I had no idea where to start, but when I read yours I realized I should not have answered mine the way I did, so unsure. But you make great points. It is unfair because students who go into college sports should know and be prepared for how difficult it will be. I agree that students who cannot keep up their GPA should not be on the team. However, should an athlete be denied (even if they are the best of the best) just because he failed a class? That is the question that is difficult for me to answer only because I am not an athlete. I am not aware of how hard it is or anything. That is the only thing that seems remotely unfair to the athletes. I like the fact that you were able to relate to this because you are an athlete. You are right, I can imagine, that playing sports in school teaches you great time management. Some students can handle it, and some cannot. I also agree that the restrictions should stay the same. To change them would cause a huge problem. The students need ot take responsibility for the workload they take on. If the students were positive they would make it to be a professional, then they should major in something easier so they have time to balance their lives. They should be prepared to make sacrifices, like going out late on a night before a game or practice. You also make the point of, what happens after college if the student doesn’t make it to the pros? What will they have then? Certainly not a true college education if the only reason they got through college was because they either cheated, or were treated differently just because of sports. Then that degree isn’t truly earned. This is an excellent answer to a hard issue.
This subject is a continuous debate. Should athletes in college be paid? I am on the fence about this issue because I do not personally follow college sports, or know much about them. Should they lower the standards for them? I’m not sure. On one hand many will think that... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
I agree with you. Looking back there were many varieties of teachers. I find that the most untraditional teachers are the ones I am able to learn from best. I like the idea of group work. I also agree that taking group work out of class jut causes problems. I remember in a particular class last year, things like making videos is a very fun assignment, but if you get in a group where the people are not particularly your friends, it can be a challenge to make way to their house to work. Also, everyone’s schedule is different, at least in working IN school on assignments, everyone has time. Going over a test or quiz before the test/quiz is another great idea. In one of my classes this year, the teacher always goes over the material the day before, or sometime during the week of the test/quiz. I find this extremely helpful and I always seem to do better when the teacher highlights the most important facts to remember. I also agree that it is rather annoying when a teacher interrupts during a powerpoint. It is rude and unhelpful, and it just wastes time. I think they should let a student finish, and then make the comments on paper as to not embarrass the student (unless it is stuff the other students should know). I did not consider this point when I read the question, however now that I think of it, it is really annoying. I also wrote about favoring students. It is extremely frustrating and annoying. I agree and I would advise teachers to just be more aware of that matter.
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Over the years, I have had many teachers that have had an impact on the way I learn, and some that have even impacted my life. Thinking back to what the teachers did that was able to impact me is difficult. I feel that when a teacher is able to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog
I agree with you on that Taylor Swift is a great role model for kids of all ages. She was able to make something of her life because of her talent. She is someone to look up to because she had a dream, and did not give up on that dream. She was also able to keep her popularity and status because she did not get mixed up with the wrong things. I agree that Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and many others got started with all the talent in the world, and the amazing chance to make something of themselves. However, they ruined it because they started to care more about partying and drugs. Miley decided she did not like that her fans were between the ages of 2 and 12 so she decided to do more ‘provocative’ music videos and songs. However, in her quest for an older fan group, she lost many fans. Taylor Swift embraces her fans no matter what age they are, which is admirable. I have also never heard on any news or magazine that Taylor Swift was partying. I have seen her go through many boyfriends, but she is able to turn those relationships into hit songs, which is a talent I guess. Besides that, you never really hear about Taylor Swift. She truly has a kind heart and you can see it by the way she treats other people, and even in her music. I agree with you completely that she never let the fame go to her head. I love her songs and how so many kids and teens can relate to them because she does write her own music form her own experiences. I love her messages of ‘staying true to yourself’, I think that it one of the most important lessons kids should be taught these days. It is so important not to change who you are for anyone else. Taylor Swift achieved fame in all the right ways and I do not see her as one to ruin her career. She has a good head on her shoulders and unlike many stars she will not ruin it. She makes all the right choices and I do believe she is a great person for a role model.
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At first when I read this question the first celebrity that came to my mind was Will Smith. He has ALWAYS been my favorite celebrity and I have been watching him since I was little. I even have a collection of all his movies that I keep separate from the... Continue reading
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In today’s society it is not unusual to have a facebook. In fact, it is kind of odd NOT to have one. With our society to heavily dependent on the social networking, who are we to think this could NOT affect our lives so greatly? Internet is a powerful source... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2011 at alexandria cruz's blog