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I <3 you. :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on Look, everyone, it's my hair. (Yawn.) at finslippy
"we were young enough to wail in terror while watching the movie in the theater." Oh, Lord, SO WAS I. I was three and I remember the whole horrible experience VIVIDLY (I should blog about it ;-)). Nice to know I'm not the only one.
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Actually.... I liked this game. Yes, really. :-P I still remember falling into those pits when I didn't mean to and wanting to throw the game out a window, but I liked it, and still remember that Queen of Life, the Universe, and EVERYTHING feeling I had when I beat it. :-D I had Swordquest: Fireworld AND Waterworld and those I disliked so much I begged my mom to let me give them away. She never did let me. And I spent way too much time playing them because they were the only games we had I hadn't beaten yet. *sigh* Oh, and I never did, btw. Ahhh, wasted youth.
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I want to go to there! So! Much! I'm with all the other East Coast posters! wOOtstock East! (I'm in KY, so not, you know, On the coast, but it's much closer)
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When I was a kid my mom was awesome about letting make icing just so I could try and make stuff with her Wilton bags and tips. I have yet to start my own collection of Wilton (except for one lonely pan to make one of those Giant Cookies, which my daughter LOVES), this would be a great start! Thanks Erika's Mom and Wilton for offering this giveaway (even if I don't win)! :-)
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Dec 8, 2009