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After recent events I just want Linden Lab to maintain the platform for me to use & quietly leave me alone.
Honestly I think people knew what they were getting into. The bigger issue when I joined up was having no control over the "Resident" showing up in legacy scripts no matter what i chose. Simply letting you select "Other" and typing your own wasnt enough?
Well over at Hugo's Design, Maitreya dealt us a rather weird blow. A lot of designers are making mesh body appliers for latex clothing and making good use of materials to give it the shine. We use Omega Appliers so any body that supports Omega can apply our clothing and have it look spectacular...except Maitreya. Maitreya is the only one that does not support materials effects if you use an Omega Applier. Kinda weird but Maitreya was never intended for the fetish market...more like Vogue Photo shoots with autumn colours or whatever.
I rent my sim and as such have no use for the mainland. My refusal to go premium again has deeper issues. The heavy handed approach to my marketplace listings & Flickr ban from the official SL group meant I refuse to pay Linden labs for their product until it's fairer with actual due process regarding rules & regulations. (My inworld job pays well enough to cover my expenses without paying for Linden Dollars so please don't anyone point that out to me)
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Mar 22, 2018