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In ancient times, they thought that hyenas could actually change sex. Here's a veritable font of useless but fascinating information on the subject. E.g., Pliny the Elder wrote: "Hyenas are believed to become male and female in alternate years". It is also said, of the hyena: "It is fond of going where it can hear the voices of men; it haunts the folds of shepherds, and by listening attentively, learns to imitate the human voice, so that it can call a man at night, and devour him. It also imitates human groanings; and alluring them by its false sighs, devours the dogs, who, when they are hunting it, if they come within its shadow, lose their voice, and cannot bark." Regularly changes sex, otherwise behaves like some sort of nightmarish alien monster. Modern hyenas are disappointingly tame by comparison, it seems.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2014 on A Bold Experiment at davidthompson
She hates panettone as well, apparently: And also loathes stollen: "If panettone is full of hot air, you have to be a fruit cake to like stollen, the German cake that may take over from panettone soon as the latest food craze. It is heavy, dense, and full of medicinal-tasting dried fruit, plastic almond paste, and enough icing sugar to..." etc. Hal's right about Puritanism - I think Ms Bindel would feel completely at home in AD 1657.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2014 on Princesses and Peas at davidthompson
In addition to infrastructure and men, Lierre Keith also wants to abolish agriculture. This came about when after many years of saving the planet by being a vegan, she changed her mind and decided that vegans were actually helping to destroy the planet and everyone should save the planet by adopting the paleo diet instead. Talking about her book "The Vegetarian Myth": "We’re at the cliff. The human race is at the cliff. And that’s probably the main reason that I wrote that book, because the people who care the most are the environmentalists. And even of them, I would say that the most impassioned people are probably the vegans. And the values are not the problem – so justice, sustainability, compassion. We have the right values, and we’ve got the passion to institute them. But this vegetarian, vegan diet is – we’ve been pointing in the wrong direction for 30 years. And I want people to understand the real damage that’s been done to this planet, and what it’s going to take to really repair it. Because we are going to have to give up agriculture if this planet has any hope." Agriculture was probably invented by men, too. The bastards. A while ago, the primal wisdom of Lierre Keith was discussed here:
Toggle Commented May 27, 2014 on Your Masculinity Must Be Abolished at davidthompson
There was an episode in the runup to the Cultural Olympiad of 2012. Artist Olafur Eliasson wanted £1 million from the Olympic Lottery Distributor for a website called "Take A Deep Breath". Participants would be invited to take a deep breath and then post a message (or "breath bubble") saying who they did it for and why. The website could also have featured an amazing video of people inhaling and exhaling. Eliasson is quoted as saying: "The Olympics reflect the state of the world – the obsession with elite, the obsession with winners, rather than participatory ideas. I was asked by the Olympics to make a work of art that celebrates the Olympics. There’s not a lot to celebrate in the Olympics and I thought I would make a work of art that exposes some of the weaknesses of the Olympics." Well worth a million quid, I'm sure you'd agree? Video of people breathing and comments about whatever was in their head at the time. But no, alas the OLD turned the project down. According to board meeting minutes, it "struggled to justify the £1 million sought in relation to the outputs - it seemed very expensive". Philistines!
Toggle Commented May 26, 2014 on I Get Mail from Sensitive Souls at davidthompson
This really is a pleasant idea. I'll be part of a splinter group that heads off towards Trafalgar Square where we'll eat some ice cream, then saunter around the National Gallery for a bit and buy a few postcards.
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