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"It has limitations that represent artificial barriers". Yes, it does. BUT, Mike, aren't artificial barriers something that you promoted time and time again? One camera, one (fixed) lens, for instance... Having said that, I have sold my M8.2 a long time ago. Not because I didn't like the Leica 'thang', quite to the contrary. But that camera began falling apart, quite literally, and Leica didn't have any spare parts to repair it. And while I shot quite a few of my best photographs with that red-dotted black box, I am quite happy now with my Fuji X100F, a camera that arguably also comes with a few artificial barriers of its own.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2018 on WHY Buy a Film Leica? at The Online Photographer
A beautiful scene indeed! Curious about the BW conversion. Any info on that?
Imagine the number of decisive moments you are going to miss while you're sitting in front of your computer, sorting through that bazillion images you just took and deciding which of those frames, that are almost identical, *really* captured that decisive moment.
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Apr 6, 2017