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psmyth1956: Interestingly, your link is from 2017. The DUH, the german environmental organisation that has forced court ordered bans for very high NOx emitters in a few cities, has reported about this in 2011: (article in German) They tested a VW Golf 1.2 TSI and a BMW 116i, and the particulate numbers they measured were a desaster. They concluded that direct injection technology for petrol engines reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore useful, but should not be used without particulate filters.
psmyth1956: The ADAC has testet many gasoline engines, with and without direct injection, with and without otto particulate filter, and basicly, otto particulate filters solve this, but are mostly necessary when using direct injection. They have started publishing real numbers for CO2, CO, HC, NOx, PM and PN in 2016, and most gasoline engines fail with CO under increased engine load, many direct injection models without OPF fail with PN. Diesels before Euro 6c mostly fail with NOx. Impressive example: a VW Tiguan without OPF emitted 400x more particules in their tests than the same car with OPF (46×10^11 vs. 0.11×10^11 per km). If you go to and filter for VW Tiguan, Motorart = Otto, you get the 2 cars in question and can open individual results.
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Aug 31, 2019